Social and Environmental Initiatives 2008

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Designs for Efficient Water Use to Conserve Water

In urban areas where ground surfaces are covered with concrete or asphalt, rainwater does not seep underground but flows out to rivers in short bursts, which causes flooding and lowers the groundwater level. In addition, water shortages are becoming serious problems in many parts of the world.
Mitsui Fudosan is pursuing designs in consideration of the efficient use of water, which includes the introduction of water-saving equipment, effective utilization of rainwater and recycled wastewater, and the increase of groundwater, with the purpose of preserving precious water resources essential for the survival of living matter and conserving healthy water environments in urban areas.

Installation of Water-saving Equipment

Automatic sensory flush valves and automatic water faucets are installed in bathrooms of office buildings and retail properties. These devices were installed in the extended and remodeled parts of MITUI OUTLET PARK Tama Minami Osawa and LaLaport TOKYO BAY that were extended and remodeled in fiscal 2007, LaLa garden KASUKABE (Kasukabe City, Saitama Prefecture) that was opened in November 2007 and MITSUI OUTLET PARK Sendai Port (Miyagino Ward, Sendai City) that was opened in September 2008.

Use of Rainwater and Recycled Water and Groundwater Increment

Permeable paving in akasaka Sacas

Permeable paving in akasaka Sacas

Mitsui Fudosan is taking actions to use rainwater and recycled water in office buildings, retail properties and for-sale condominiums. Additionally, in an effort to stimulate rainwater to seep underground, we have introduced permeable paving and trenches for rainwater absorption.
Rainwater is used in the Yodoyabashi Mitsui Building (Chuo Ward, Osaka City), completed in March 2008, and recycled water is used in the Akasaka Biz Tower. Further, permeable paving is employed for the paved surface of the flat parking lot of LaLagarden KASUKABE (about 1,560m2), a part of the sidewalk along a street developed in LaLagarden KAWAGUCHI (Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture) (about 630m2), and the pavement and sidewalk of a street on the premises of akasaka Sacas (about 5,061m2).