Social and Environmental Initiatives 2008

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With the Global Environment

As buildings have a lifecycle of several decades, the use of buildings as well as the provision of broad-ranging services may generate burdens on the environment. In order to minimize these environmental burdens in the administration and operation of properties, it is important to create and provide buildings by giving due consideration at the design stage to the reduction of environmental burdens that arise when managing properties.
In October 2008, the Mitsui Fudosan Group revised its Group Environmental Policy. Under the revised Group Environmental Policy, the Group considers the environment from the design stage of real estate projects, and endeavors to minimize the burden placed on the environment in its administration and operation of properties.

Group Environmental Policy

Initiatives of the Management System for the Environment

Environmental Management System
Environmental Education and Promotional Activities

Considering the Environment from the Design Stage to Provide Buildings and Services with Low Impact on the Environment ~ Environmentally-Friendly Designs ~

Environmentally-Friendly Designs
Reducing CO2: Designs to Conserve Energy and Reduce CO2
Designs for Efficient Water Use to Conserve Water
Designs to Reduce Impact of Hazardous Materials ~ Measures for Reducing Hazardous Materials ~
Long-life Design for Saving Resources and Reducing Waste
Design to Preserve and Increase Greenery

Pursuing Reduction of Environmental Impact through Management Operations ~ Activities to Decrease Environmental Impact ~

Green Procurement
Pursuit of CO2 Reduction ~ Activities to Conserve Energy and Reduce CO2 Emissions ~
Pursuit of Water Conservation ~ Activities for Efficient Use of Water ~
Pursuit of Reduction of Hazardous Materials ~ Activities to Decrease and Appropriately Manage Hazardous Materials ~
Pursuit of Resource Conservation and Waste Reduction ~ The Three Rs ~
Pursuit of the Preservation of Greenery ~ Activities to Preserve Greenery ~