Social and Environmental Initiatives 2009

Quality Management Initiatives

Quality Management of Office Buildings

In the office buildings business, quality management of office buildings is being implemented by drawing up manuals, guidelines, etc. such as those given below.

Office Building Design Manual

Provides a direction for planning and design by organizing and combining know-how on product planning and operational management.

Office Buildings Business Standard Operations Flowchart

In view of maintaining and enhancing the level of operational quality in the office buildings business, a basic flowchart of standard operations from the business planning stage to the completion of construction was drawn up in fiscal 2008.

Office Buildings Sign Planning Guidelines

Systematically outlines the concepts, rules, specific examples and other matters concerning the planning of signs for inside and outside office buildings. Revised in March 2009 to realize the “Workers First” philosophy of “secure, comfortable and convenient” in the planning of signs.

Office Building Backyard Standards

Systematically outlines the standard finishing, specifications and other matters concerning the mechanical room and other common-use areas of office buildings.

Quality Management of Retail Properties

In the retail properties business, quality management of retail properties is being implemented by drawing up manuals, guidelines, etc. such as those given below.

Retail Properties Design Request Form

Provides a direction for planning and design by organizing and combining know-how on product planning and operational management.

Shopping Center Universal Design Guidelines

Outlines standard content that should be addressed at our shopping centers in line with laws and regulations related to universal design.

Tenant Interior Design Manual

Manual to have tenants design and build stores by taking into account the facility outline and characteristics, legal restrictions, etc. Separate manual is drawn up for each facility, but the bulk of the core sections are the same.

Design Criteria

Provides rules on the interior design of stores (signs, the brightness of lights in stores, materials used for the interior, etc.) in line with the concept of the facility. Separate criteria are drawn up for each facility and are put into practice together with the Tenant Interior Design Manual.

Quality Management of For-Sale Condominiums

Mechanism of TQPM

Mechanism of TQPM

Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd. manages the quality of everything from the design stage to the building stage and completion of construction of condominium developments based on Total Quality Project Management (TQPM), a quality management technique it introduced in 2002.

Based on the thinking of the ISO 9001 series of international quality standards, about 1,500 independent design criteria have been created and quality verification checks of roughly 100 items are conducted. The aim is not quality management on a site level or supervisor level, but rather the achievement of consistent quality at all properties and sites throughout Japan. To this end, we have ensured that the quantifying and routine practice of quality management is thoroughly established with “ensuring records of all processes are kept” as our motto. Comprehensive quality management is pursued project by project under an equal, solid and smooth partnership with the parties involved in the business. Through ongoing TQPM efforts, the improvement of quality and the achievement of consistent quality are being pursued as “Mitsui's for-sale condominiums,” even if the designers and builders differ.
The content of TQPM are being reviewed and improved as needed. For example, the “Design Standards” were revised in March 2009.

Quality Management of Rental Housing, Detached Housing and Hotels

In the rental housing business, the quality management manual “PAX-M” was compiled in fiscal 2007 and put into practice in stages starting with new development projects launched in fiscal 2008. Moreover, the “Design and Inspection Checklist for Rental Properties” is revised every year to introduce new technologies, enhance quality and for other purposes. In fiscal 2008, items were added to consider user-friendliness from the tenant's perspective. In the detached housing business, the “Detached Housing Design Standards” are being prepared. Furthermore, the “TQPM Manual: Hotel Version” was compiled and is applied to the design and construction of Mitsui Garden Hotels.

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