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Security and Safety Initiatives

Security (Crime Prevention) Measures

Concerning security measures in the office buildings business, the basic policy on security systems is organized with the “Security Planning Manual” (drawn up in March 2004; revised in March 2007). The coverage includes ways to enter and exit office buildings, ways each zone can be broken into, security of a typical office floor, surveillance cameras (ITV), IC cards and card readers. In fiscal 2008, with the increase in elements of instability in public safety of society, the following initiatives focused on dealing with suspicious individuals were reinforced at each office building.

Strengthening Security at Office Buildings

  • Thorough patrolling, monitoring, etc. to spot suspicious individuals
  • Checking how staff respond in an emergency
  • Greater cooperation and information sharing with tenants
  • Re-check patrol, stand guard and other security posts

In the for-sale condominium business, Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd. introduced the PRISM EYE security system centering on the Tokyo metropolitan area. PRISM EYE separates the security of condominiums into the three elements of Planning, System and Operation to provide living protection from a comprehensive perspective across everything from the design stage to management and operation after the move, including the establishment of an environment that will make it difficult for suspicious individuals to break in and emergency responses in the event that an incident should occur. In addition, the introduction of a Remote Security System is being advanced centering on the Tokyo metropolitan area. This is a system that enables customers to lodge their request with Mitsui's customer center to have the security equipment in their house activated on their behalf while they are out, and notifies customers of information on unusual incidents that occur in their rooms as well as visitors while they are out via mobile phone and other forms of e-mail.

The Concept of PRISM EYE

Conceptual diagram of PRISM EYE

Conceptual diagram of PRISM EYE

The Concept of PRISM EYE

The “prism” in PRISM EYE represents a triangular glass prism. It depicts the image of the trinity of Planning, System and Operation. The “eye” in PRISM EYE represents eyes watching over everyday living.

  1. Planning: Checking from the design stage based on own Crime Prevention Design Standards
    Mitsui Fudosan's own Crime Prevention Design Standards, which comprise over sixty items, were developed based on such guidelines as the Design Manual for Condominiums in Consideration of Crime Prevention that was compiled by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and under the supervision of crime prevention experts. Moreover, upon planning, a Crime Prevention Diagnosis is conducted by a security company and items pointed out are reflected in the design. Products certified under the CP (Crime Prevention) certification system are installed for the front door and other parts of condominiums as standard equipment.
  2. System: Checking the living environment with a full range of security equipment
    The Bell Boy residential information infrastructure, which includes an intercom system featuring a recording function that enables the checking of visitors from various angles, and front door security sensors are installed as standard equipment. Furthermore, extra security cameras are installed in common-use areas. In this manner, condominiums are fitted with a full range of security equipment.
  3. Operation: Supporting daily living with prompt care
    Alarms in an emergency are not only monitored by the security company, but are also sent out to the management company Mitsui Fudosan Housing Service Co., Ltd. as a double-checking system.

In the rental housing business, “double security,” which is the installation of automatic locking systems at both the entrance and elevator, was incorporated into the fiscal 2006 version of the “Design Standards” and is being adopted at properties one after another starting from those constructed in the latter half of fiscal 2007.
As for retail properties, security was tightened at LaLaport SHIN MISATO (Misato-shi, Saitama Prefecture), primarily in dealing with suspicious individuals, such as by installing an electric lock equipped with a card reader at the entrances and exits to storage rooms and other major back-of-house areas in the case of entrances and exits that are connected to common-use areas used by customers.

“My Town Security” Watching Over the Town and Home



Fine Court LaLaCity (Misato-shi, Saitama Prefecture), a detached housing development that was placed on the market for sale starting in October 2008, houses a security station within the residents community space Clubhouse and security guards exclusively for the town are stationed to it to patrol the town 24/7. Furthermore, each house is equipped with a home security system. The system has been designed so that the town's resident security guards can rush to the scene in the event that an incident should occur.
Moreover, a space known as a cul-de-sac (dead end) has been set up in front of some houses. Crime prevention effects can be anticipated as a cul-de-sac has a high safety feature in that it does not allow vehicles, etc. traffic, and also from the aspect of it being a shape that makes it difficult for non-residents to enter as well as its community-forming aspect.

Disaster Prevention Measures

Mitsui Fudosan holds drills, aimed to prepare for major disasters, throughout the company, including Group companies and tenants, twice a year in tandem with Disaster Preparedness Day (September 1) and Disaster Preparedness and Volunteers' Day (January 17). In fiscal 2008, the drills were conducted on September 1 and January 16.
Key business segment initiatives conducted in the office buildings business are the holding of evacuation drills and drills for handling fire extinguishers, etc. at each building together with tenants, and annually entering management staff of each building into the screening of self-defense firefighting operations held by the fire station under the jurisdiction. In fiscal 2008, three properties won. In addition, the National Fire Prevention Supervisors Meeting, which is held once a year, was held on February 13. The Meeting gathered over 200 supervisors and involved supervisors introducing case examples of fire as well as explaining and sharing policies on addressing amendments in laws and regulations.
Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd. developed the Condominium Earthquake Disaster Prevention System by utilizing the Earthquake Early Warnings issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency and adopted the System at for-sale condominiums in the Tokyo metropolitan area (except at some properties). It is also taking part in the project for developing towns that are strong in disaster prevention together with the community.
In the rental housing business, for the residents of Shibaura Island Bloom Tower (Minato-ku, Tokyo), which was constructed in September 2008, we organized and held a lecture on disaster prevention and drew up a disaster prevention plan. We are engaged in disaster prevention activities in tandem with community development based on the thinking that, in light of the property's characteristic of it being a high-rise tower condominium on the Island, there is a necessity for sharing of awareness among residents about response in the event of a disaster and fostering of communication in ordinary times.
In the hotel business, fire drills are conducted at each hotel twice a year. In addition, efforts are made to raise awareness, acquire skills and such in regard to disaster prevention through such measures as the encouragement of accreditation under the certification in self-defense firefighting techniques organized by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, participation in local self-defense firefighting contests and holding of firefighting workshops.
In the retail properties business, the following initiatives are conducted for disaster prevention and for security and safety overall.

Facility Patrol

Conducted by Mitsui Fudosan for the operation center and tenants of retail properties for the purpose of instructing disaster prevention and safety patrol.

Disaster Prevention Patrol

LaLaport Management Co., Ltd. and partner equipment / security guard companies check the common-use areas, stores using fire and other areas of facilities.

SC Training

Training on fire prevention, disaster prevention, safety management, etc. for LaLaport Management Co., Ltd. employees.

National Safety Event

Held by LaLaport Management Co., Ltd., Mitsui Fudosan and partner companies share information on security/safety and environmental initiatives, gathering about 170 participants (in October 2008).

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