Social and Environmental Initiatives 2009

Group Environmental Policy

Basic Principles

We at Mitsui Fudosan sincerely believe in the meaning of our “&” corporate logo.
In contrast to the notion that society must often choose between perceived opposing perspectives, such as “civilization or nature,” “economy or culture,” “work or study,” the “&” logo represents an inclusive approach toward harmonious coexistence that transcends conflicting ideals in the process of creating new value.
Based on these principles of harmony, coexistence and inclusive cooperation, and the linking together of diverse values, we are creating enriching and comfortable urban environments.

Environmental Principles

Contributing to the building of a society that realizes the sustainable development of human life is our corporate mission, and we consider this to be an important business challenge directly related to increasing corporate value. Considering the promotion of business while addressing the enhancement of environmental efficiency and the reduction of environmental burden as “harmonious coexistence with the environment,” we endeavor to create enriching and pleasing urban environments and contribute to the global environment.
In addition, we will also join hands with various stakeholders including our customers, local communities, business partners and the government to promote harmonious coexistence with the environment.

Environmental Policy

  1. Based on an accurate understanding of the impact of our business activities on the global environment, we formulate environmental targets and environmental planning.
  2. We aim to take countermeasures against global warming and create a recycling society by striving for the improvement of environmental efficiency, reduction of burdens on the environment, energy/resource conservation, decrease of waste materials and prevention of pollution.
  3. Beyond compliance with environmental regulations, we set our own additional environmental standards as deemed necessary to promote harmonious coexistence with the environment.
  4. In collaboration/cooperation with various stakeholders including our customers, local communities, business partners and the government, we proactively address harmonious coexistence with the environment, build a society that realizes sustainable development, and implement highly effective environmental measures.
  5. Through environmental training and promotional activities, we ensure that all Mitsui Fudosan Group employees have a solid understanding of our environmental policies and increase their environmental awareness.
  6. We provide full public disclosure of necessary information relating to such matters as our environmental initiatives and promote open communication with the society at large.

The Mitsui Fudosan Group's Environmental Initiatives

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