Social and Environmental Initiatives 2009

Goals of IR Activities

Goals of IR Activities

Since the establishment of an IR Group in April 2001, Mitsui Fudosan has been increasingly focusing on IR activities.
When undertaking IR activities, we endeavor to foster understanding among all shareholders, institutional investors, securities analysts and other market participants. Furthermore, we embark on all sorts of initiatives aimed at forming long-term relationships of trust with market participants. We seek to be evaluated appropriately as a result of such efforts.
To this end, we implement “timely,” “proper” and “proactive” disclosure of management strategies, financial status and other information, along with working to enrich the variety of IR tools.

Thinking on Return of Profits

Seeking to further boost corporate value, Mitsui Fudosan works to upgrade internal reserves to fund investments in more highly profitable businesses, while striving to maintain and increase dividends to shareholders, taking into account business conditions and its financial performance and standing.
Continuing from the previous fiscal year, we again declared an increase in dividends in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2009, paying out an annual dividend of 22 yen per share (paid out an annual dividend of 20 yen per share in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2008).

Guidelines on Information Disclosure

Mitsui Fudosan discloses information promptly according to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and related regulations, as well as the Rules on Timely Disclosure and other rules determined by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), with “transparency,” “fairness,” “continuity” and “timeliness” as its basic stance.
In the disclosure of information mandated by the Rules on Timely Disclosure and other rules, the disclosure is transmitted via TDnet, the timely disclosure network system operated by the TSE, in accordance with said Rules. Securities reports, quarterly semiannual reports and other disclosure documents are released via EDINET, the electronic disclosure system operated by the Financial Services Agency.
Simultaneously, this information is also uploaded on our website.
Concerning information not subject to the Rules on Timely Disclosure and other rules, we also proactively and promptly disclose information that is deemed useful in understanding the Company or important in making investment decisions and such as much as possible via our website, media organizations and other means.

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