Social and Environmental Initiatives 2009

Special Feature1 Bringing Enrichment and Comfort to Urban Areas: Mitsui Fudosan's History of “Creating New Values”

Kashiwanoha Campus City Partnership among the Public Sector, Private Sector and Academia in the Development of an Urban Area Discussion on “Creating New Values” for Kashiwanoha Campus City

An urban area where people can reside, work, rest and enjoy themselves. Mitsui Fudosan Group's mission is to provide “values,” such as enrichment and comfort, to such places.

As society changes, the definition of “value” itself changes constantly.
“Urban development” is the creation of the kind of value sought during a particular era.
Furthermore, the concept of “Improving with Age,” which is the increasing of value over time, is indispensable for “urban development.”
“Mitsui Main Building,” “Kasumigaseki Building,” “Tokyo Midtown” and now, “Kashiwanoha Campus City”-
Even if times change and the definition of value changes, our desire to bring enrichment and comfort to urban areas will not change.
As long as there exists an urban area in front of our eyes, we will continue working to further enhance values.

Creation of Values 80 Years Ago Reconstruction from the ruins of the Great Earthquake: Mitsui Main Building
Creation of Values 40 Years Ago Revitalization of humanity in a metropolis: Kasumigaseki Building
Creation of Current Values Harmony and coexistence with the natural environment and local community: Tokyo Midtown
Creation of Values into the Future Bringing together and fusing “knowledge” and promoting “health” among people and the earth: Kashiwanoha Campus City

Special Feature 2 Proceeding to Create While Retaining and Reviving - Nihonbashi Revitalization Plan -

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