Social and Environmental Initiatives 2009

The Mitsui Fudosan Group's Social Initiatives With Stakeholders

The Mitsui Fudosan Group strives to develop urban areas while achieving coexistence and cooperation with our various stakeholders in order to fulfill our social responsibility as a corporate citizen. In this Report, we report on our involvement with our stakeholders: CUSTOMERS, SHAREHOLDERS, EMPLOYEES and the COMMUNITY.

With Customers To Realize Customer Satisfaction, Safety and Comfort

Customer Satisfaction (CS) Enhancement Initiatives

  • In Pursuit of “Secure, Comfortable and Convenient” Offices
  • Seeking Even Better Homes
  • Aiming for Comfortable Hotels
  • Aiming for Retail Properties that Grow Together with Customers and Tenants

Quality Management Initiatives

  • Quality Management of Office Buildings
  • Quality Management of Retail Properties
  • Quality Management of For-Sale Condominiums
  • Quality Management of Rental Housing, Detached Housing and Hotels

Security and Safety Initiatives

  • Security (Crime Prevention) Measures
  • Disaster Prevention Measures

Initiatives for Comfort

  • Promotion of Workers First
  • Universal Design and Barrier-Free Initiatives

With Shareholders To Form Relationships of Trust with Shareholders and Investors

Goals of IR Activities

  • Goals of IR Activities
  • Thinking on Return of Profits
  • Guidelines on Information Disclosure

Realization of IR Communication

With Employees Aiming for a Work Environment where Personnel of Distinctive Individuality Can Work with Enthusiasm

Nurturing Human Resources

  • Sophisticated Specialist Skills and Broad Perspective Desired
  • Systematic Educational and Training Programs for Improving Various Skills

Respecting Diversity

  • Employing Human Resources of Various Backgrounds
  • Creating a Work Environment Where Each and Every Employee Can Work with Enthusiasm
  • Human Rights Protection Initiatives

With the Community To Create and Disseminate New Value in Harmony and Collaboration with Society

Creating and Disseminating New Value

  • Good Design Award Recipient for Nine Consecutive Years
  • Tokyo Midtown's “JAPAN VALUE”

Coexistence with the Community

  • Initiatives for Community Development
  • Contribution to Regional Disaster Prevention
  • Aiming for Retail Properties Serving as Community Core

Social Philanthropic and Cultural Support Activities

  • Providing Children Opportunities to Learn About the Society
  • Serving Meals to Assisted-Living Facility Users
  • Cultural and Networking Center: HIBIYA PATIO

Special Feature 1 Bringing Enrichment and Comfort to Urban Areas Mitsui Fudosan's History of “Creating New Values”

Special Feature 2 Proceeding to Create While Retaining and Reviving - Nihonbashi Revitalization Plan -


Environmental measures on the Tokyo Midtown On the Green What we do for the earth (PDF : 5MB)