Social and Environmental Initiatives 2009

Respecting Diversity

Employing Human Resources of Various Backgrounds

In employing human resources to play a central role in the “real estate solutions partner” business, Mitsui Fudosan places emphasis on having a broad perspective, high potential and not being entirely focused on any specific area of specialty, and employs human resources of various backgrounds based on the philosophy of diversity.
During recruitment of new graduates, in order to instill an accurate understanding of the work content and business among students who are considering applying for a position, Mitsui Fudosan holds “business experience seminars” whereby an overall picture of the company is introduced. At the seminars, Mitsui Fudosan also devises ways to deepen students' understanding of the developer business, such as having students take part in games in which they plan complexes and other urban developments.
For recruitment of mid-career professionals who are to engage in a variety of work with a view toward future positions in general management with possible transfers to other locations, rather than restrict applications to those who were in a certain industry in their previous position, Mitsui Fudosan seeks a broad range of human resources capable of thinking outside the box and not bound by the concepts of value established in the real estate industry as well as human resources that possess a wealth of experience. Furthermore, in the recruitment of mid-career professionals who are to engage in specific tasks with a view toward a future management position with no transfers to other locations, Mitsui Fudosan seeks a broad range of human resources capable of proactively engaging in a range of individual tasks required to accomplish goals while playing a part in executing projects by working together with mid-career employees earmarked for general management positions and collaborating with relevant parties inside and outside the company.
Moreover, as part of measures to address the Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons, a “re-employment system” has been set up and running since September 2005. This system re-employs employees up to their 65th birthday based on certain criteria as employees on contract for a predetermined period.

Creating a Work Environment Where Each and Every Employee Can Work with Enthusiasm

Mitsui Fudosan embarks on an array of steps to enable employees to work with enthusiasm, such as a system in which employees can select working styles that suit their lifestyles. Mitsui Fudosan has developed various systems that aim to support childcare and nursing care, and to ensure work-life balance.

Child Care Support

Pregnancy and maternity leave (6 weeks before childbirth and 8 weeks after childbirth)
Child care leave (up to when the child turns 2 years old)
Short working hours for child care (up to when the child enters 3rd year of elementary school)

Family Care Support

Family care leave (up to 1 year per family member requiring care)
Short working hours for family care

Support for Ensuring an Appropriate Work-Life Balance

Special summer leave and special consecutive leave
Refreshment leave (available for employees who have reached a certain number of years of continuous employment)

Space to refresh (Refre)

Space to refresh (Refre)

In addition, importance is attached to communication, such as individual hearings conducted by the Personnel Department with each employee, in order to accurately understand each and every employee's career preferences, actual work conditions, state of health and other situations.
Furthermore, as measures to maintain and promote good health, Mitsui Fudosan has installed a Health Committee and is making such efforts as raising the percentage of employees taking regular health checkups. As a result, the percentage of employees taking regular health checkups stands at 92.6% (in fiscal 2008). Efforts are also being made to improve the overall labor environment such as preventing physical and mental illnesses by having health nurses and industrial physicians meet with employees who are overworking. In addition, a space for employees to refresh (Refre) was opened in the Mitsui Main Building (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) in April 2009 under the objective of improving operational efficiency by employees feeling refreshed physically and mentally.
Moreover, Mitsui Fudosan aims to create an environment that respects the interests of the employees themselves and where they can work with peace of mind by taking such steps as ensuring coordination between the Personnel Department and the heads of the respective Groups with the Health Management Center, which houses resident industrial physicians and health nurses, when employees use reinstatement programs upon returning to work after taking long-term leave for physical or mental health reasons and in other cases.

Human Rights Protection Initiatives

Mitsui Fudosan has established employee conduct standards regarding human rights and has formed a Human Rights Awareness Raising Committee within the company. New employees attend training on sexual harassment, power harassment and discrimination, and a consultation counter for sexual harassment has been set up at the Personnel Department that is open 24 hours a day to take phone consultations.
Mitsui Fudosan is also mounting efforts to raise awareness of human rights throughout the entire Group by installing a Fair Employment Screening and Human Rights Awareness Raising Promotion Committee within the company and organizing Fair Employment Screening and Human Rights Awareness Raising Liaison Conferences between Group companies.

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