Social and Environmental Initiatives 2009

Nurturing Human Resources

Sophisticated Specialist Skills and Broad Perspective Desired

The New Challenge Plan 2016 drawn up in fiscal 2007 positions the Mitsui Fudosan Group as a “real estate solutions partner” that creates new levels of value by embracing a multifaceted approach to changing customer needs and markets.
To achieve such customer-focused management, employees are desired to have sophisticated expertise in business as well as a broad perspective not limited to any specific field. New levels of value will consistently be delivered from new perspectives by always keeping abreast of social changes, all in a professional fashion. We believe this “real estate solutions partner” concept that progresses and grows in tandem with our customers is one that should be embodied by each and every employee in this manner.
In particular, “evolution of Group management,” one of three strategies, outlines the following three points of “nurturing, skills development and recruitment of competent human resources.”

  • Nurture and develop the skills of our people in Japan and overseas, and in all Group member companies
  • Attract superlative people from outside the Group
  • Recruit people across a wide spectrum, including women, the elderly and foreigners

For the Mitsui Fudosan Group to establish its position as a “real estate solutions partner,” it is imperative that employees constitute a community of diversified human resources able to demonstrate their individuality, and the skills development of each and every employee serves as a crucial key. Along with realizing proactive career shaping through the tasks one is charged with by assigning and delegating roles to employees in consideration of their individuality and preferences, Mitsui Fudosan offers employees educational and training programs that carefully cater to career stages and needs.

Systematic Educational and Training Programs for Improving Various Skills

training session

A logical thinking training session

In view of skills development based on each employee's individual skills and needs, Mitsui Fudosan has set up systematic and diversified programs. In addition, many opportunities to meet and discuss career shaping and skills development with the Personnel Department and senior employees have been prepared as a system.
Training is divided into those programs organized by the Personnel Department that deal with the knowledge and skills all employees of Mitsui Fudosan should possess, and those programs organized by each department that involve the specialist skills and products specific to that department.
In fiscal 2008, Group companies and related departments joined forces to conduct training with a focus on training addressing laws and regulations in order to enhance understanding of and comply with laws and regulations related to the business. In addition, more enriched organizational management training for managers were developed, including those where managers of different businesses interact, for the purpose of cultivating a management perspective.
The training characteristic of Mitsui Fudosan is reflected in the following training programs involving the sharing of management awareness and corporate culture.

MEET21 Training

Training in which directors serve as professors to discuss management issues in seminar style with several employees from every age group for information sharing that transcends roles and age groups

Cross Expert Training

Training that helps employees find their own role model by listening to lectures that reflect upon the lives of those who head departments

Furthermore, there are also numerous selective training programs that employees can freely participate in as they wish. Such training programs are not only limited to knowledge training, but also include several other training themes such as those aimed at broadening horizons and sharing good culture. On top of these, Mitsui Fudosan has also established several forums for dialogue, representative examples of which include interviews for setting tasks or capacity building and individual hearings with employees. By adopting forms of training in line with employees' own preferences and vision, such programs are designed to enable employees to develop their skills with a sense of satisfaction.

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