Social and Environmental Initiatives 2012

Preservation and Utilization of the Natural Environment (Maintenance of Forests)

The Mitsui Fudosan Group owns and manages forests totaling approximately 5,000 hectares in Hokkaido centered in the Dohoku area (northern Hokkaido). Measures are being taken to preserve and utilize forests the group owns through the cycle of appropriate preservation management such as periodic thinning, utilizing thinned wood and afforestation.

Proper Management of Forests the Group Owns

A little more than 60% of forests the group owns are artificial forests consisting of Sakhalin fir, Japanese larch and other trees, while the remaining are natural forests consisting of Japanese oak, Japanese elm and other trees.
Artificial forests are properly maintained and managed by implementing cutting, thinning, systematic planting, etc. on a timely basis, along with selling a portion as timber. The raising of healthy forests is contributing to the absorption of CO2 as well.
Concerning natural forests, its natural growth is watched over with every effort made to not harvest the trees as much as possible.

Tree-Planting Training Utilizing Forests the Group Owns

Every year since fiscal 2008, Mitsui Fudosan has held tree-planting training that utilizes forests the group owns. By planting trees themselves, employees sense the forest as something close and re-acknowledge forests as an essential part of the world environment.
In fiscal 2011, it was held in October. Thirty people (including group company employees) participated and 1,000 Shirakaba seedlings were planted.
In October 2011, Mitsui Home Co., Ltd. also held tree-planting training for forests the group owns. Through the participation of 52 new employees and 9 office members, 1,000 Shirakaba seedlings were planted. Additionally, training concerning forests in general and at the Furano Nature School by the Hokkaido Kamikawa General Subprefectural Bureau Southern Forest Room was also held together.

Utilization of Wood Thinned from Forests the Group Owns in the Business

Mitsui Fudosan Group is furthering the use of wood thinned from forests the group owns.
Until now, thinned wood has been utilized to produce novelty goods, meeting room desks and reception lobby chairs and tables. In fiscal 2011, ballpoint pens for distribution at the “Japan-china Green EXPO” and paper for business cards were produced.
In order to further utilize and preserve forests the group owns, utilization of thinned wood in the business began to be considered in fiscal 2011. It is planned to begin making efforts to utilize it in the business in fiscal 2012.
Mitsui Home Co., Ltd. used wood thinned from forests the group owns for part of the frame of the building for experimentation of the “Next Generation Smart 2x4 Demonstration Experiment” held as a part of the “Kashiwanoha Smart City Project.” Additionally, in the future it is planned to use larch as plywood and use it for the exterior wall base.

Preservation and utilization of forests the Group owns

Preservation and utilization of forests the Group owns

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