Social and Environmental Initiatives 2012

Initiatives at Floor Areas the Company Uses (Offices)

Energy Conservation Activities, Waste Reduction and Green Procurement

Mitsui Fudosan is holding initiatives to conserve energy, reduce waste and procure green business goods on the floor areas the company uses (offices).
In fiscal 2011, summertime electricity conservation accompanying the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake (power usage limitations based on article 27 of the Electricity Business Act, held from July to the end of September), renewal of garbage stations, and maintenance of garbage separation manuals were held.
The green procurement ratio (*1) was approximately 70%, while the ratio of recycled paper used for office-automation-use paper (*2) was approximately 97%.

(*1) Green procurement: Of office supplies (files, notebooks, paper products, stationary, white-out, etc.), the ratio of products that meet Mitsui Fudosan's Criteria for Green Office Supplies (based on purchased amount).
(*2) Ratio of recycled paper used: Of office-automation-use paper, the ratio of recycled paper (based on weight).

Summertime Electricity Conservation Accompanying the Effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Through holding summertime energy conservation measures, the peak value of the amount of power usage (of the whole building including the floor areas the company uses) was reduced an average of approximately 32% compared to the previous year at “Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower” (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) and an average of approximately 31% compared to the previous year at “Mitsui Annex, Main Building, and Building Two” (Chuo-ku, Tokyo).

Summertime Electricity Conservation Measures Implemented in Fiscal 2011

  • Approximately 50% ceiling illumination thinning of proprietary areas
  • Partly shutting down multifunction machines (copy machines and printers)
  • Partly shutting down tea dispensers
  • Thoroughness of computer energy conservation mode settings
  • Thoroughness of blind “lowering” and the “closing” operations of slats

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