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Mistui Fudosan Group's Environmental Efforts Comments of Third Parties

Comments from a Third Party:Efforts for a Striking and Advancing Environment and Evaluation and Expectations of Steady Management

Dr. Toshiharu Ikaga Professor,Department of System Design Engineering, faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University

Dr. Toshiharu Ikaga

Department of System Design Engineering,
faculty of Science and Technology,
Keio University

When the environmental efforts of the report are comprehensively viewed, the efforts steadily accumulated until now progress a step further, and the impression that significant progress has been made is received.
The new “Group Environment Policy,” decided upon according to the group'snew management plan, calls attention to the fact that it clearly positioned the importance of “connection and cooperation with the community,” the greatest characteristic of a comprehensive real estate business.
The highlight of fiscal 2011 was the “Kashiwanoha Smart City” and the striking progress of the efforts of the residential department. At “Kashiwanoha Smart City,” not only was energy saved and CO2 emissions reduced, efforts are being furthered to improve the quality of the town, such as community formation and health longevity city.
The for-sale condominiums of Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd. have strikingly progressed in standardization with things such as standardly equipping the three metropolitan areas with solar power generating facilities and storage batteries. Including the environmental efforts in the custom-built detached residences of Mitsui Home Co., Ltd., it is wonderful that it is at the frontlines of the industry.
Regarding the business department, the summertime electricity conservation results and energy creation in fiscal 2011 draw attention. Additionally, places such as “Gate City Osaki,” constructed ten years ago at Tokyo's “Superior Specific Global Warming Countermeasures for Offices,” have also been certified. This is the result of continuing down-to-earth efforts in building management, and it is a good example of high energy conservation effects that were able to be raised through building management even though the building is not new.
“Introducing cutting-edge knowhow” and “appropriately performing daily facility management and raising value” - top runner results in both these aspects draw positive expectation for the future.

Comments from a Third Party:Residences that Support Smart Living, Transforming Region Making

Ms. Ayako Yamakawa Representative of Energy Conscious (Advisory specialist for consumers' affairs and instructor for energy conservation promotion)

Ms. Ayako Yamakawa
of Energy
specialist for
affairs and
instructor for

After the earthquake, it has become an age in which both “electricity conservation” in power demand peak hours in response to a lack of available power and continuity in response to global warming and rising fuel prices. Highly effective power- and energy-conservation measures that allow comfortable and healthy living, not imposing patience or impossibilities on consumers, are needed.
After reading through it, the product planning offered by Mitsui Fudosan Group, along with concepts that evolve according to these consumer needs, has been enhanced at another level in terms of introducing functions and standardization in both hard and soft aspects.
The visualization of power consumption through HEMS, which is progressing in being introduced to Tokyo metropolitan area newly built large-scale condominiums of Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd., is an essential tool for performing things such as effective energy conservation. Control functions of air conditioners, such as temperature setting adjustments, give rise to continuing effects that remove inconvenience to consumers. Further, the “Park Tower Nishishinjuku M'sPort,” which grants price discount points in response to power reduction amounts, can be valuated as an advanced example including incentives highly appealing to consumers' awareness and actions.
Until now environmentally considerate residences have emphasized hard elements, mainly facilities and equipment, and it has been difficult to appeal to women, who are highly interested in soft elements. At the custom-built detached residence “chou chou with ECO” of Mitsui Home Co., Ltd., it was impressionable how plenty of environmental consideration was being taken in residential planning from women'sperspectives.
Further, “Kashiwanoha Smart City Project” did not stop at measures for the building only, but has accomplished annual progress and evolution of the optimum energy use of the entire region, and in the future it will become a model of environment-city coexistence in Japan.
In the future, advanced and continuing efforts will be furthered, and it is strongly expected to take a lead in the industry.

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