Social and Environmental Initiatives 2012

Preservation and Utilization of the Natural Environment (Preservation of Biodiversity)

Increasing Greenery (Creation of Greenery)

Along with making efforts to plant greenery in accordance with the special characteristics of the region and properties, efforts are also being made in consideration of protection of cities’ valuable existing trees and forests and ecosystem networks.

Making Approximately 40% of the “Diver City Tokyo Plaza” Site Area Green

Greenery of the outside facility of the northeast entrance

Greenery of the outside facility
of the northeast entrance

Greenery of the roof

Greenery of the roof

At “Diver City Tokyo Plaza,” the outside facilities, roof, and walls, together accounting for 40% of the site area, have been made green and became a ratio of greenness that surpasses the green standards of Tokyo and Koto Ward.
Additionally, the city'slargest rooftop rental farm land of approximately 900m2 was installed with the concepts of “seeing,” “knowing,” and “feeling” farming. This aims to create communities for people who live in cities to realize the enjoyment and difficulty of farming through the cycle from “producing” to “consumption.”

A Greening Plan that Considers the Ecosystem at “Yokohama Mitsui Building”

Green space layout at Yokohama Mitsui Building

Green space layout
at Yokohama Mitsui Building

Green space at Yokohama Mitsui Building

Green space
at Yokohama Mitsui Building

At the “Yokohama Mitsui Building,” by forming continuous green spaces by proactively greening (greening ratio of 21.8%, four times what is normal) the adjacent Tochinoki roadside and Katabira riverside, efforts are being made to form an ecosystem network in which the surrounding region'slarge green lands and water areas become one. Along with understanding the potential vegetation of the region and taking salt tolerance into account, this vegetation plan takes in food plants that are food for birds and insects. Further, by incorporating plant life from high trees to herbs in the structure, an environment that provides nesting sites and hiding places for creatures is created.

Utilization of Green Spaces

Holding Events that Utilized Green Spaces at “Tokyo Midtown”

Various events are held at “Tokyo Midtown” by utilizing its large green spaces, such as the “Midtown Garden.” The “Open the Park 2011,” “Midtown ★ Summer 2011,” and “Midtown Relax Park” were held in fiscal 2011.

Events that Utilized the Green Spaces of “Tokyo Midtown” (fiscal 2011)

Event name Content Period held
Open the
Park 2011
An event in which enjoyable lifestyles are proposed on grass, such as Hakushu Midpark Café and Park Library From April 22 to May 8, 2011
An event in which energy conserving summer lifestyles in the city are proposed, such as Midtown Rainbow, Ashimizu, and Roppongi Water Sprinkling Operation July 16 to August 28, 2011
Relax Park
An event in which the long night of fall is enjoyed with events such as yoga and music on the grass while a nice breeze blows September 2 to October 2, 2011

Mitsui Fudosan Group Environment Communication Word Striving for Urban Development that Enriches Both People and the Earth

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