Social and Environmental Initiatives 2012

Initiatives for Communication with Customer -In Pursuit of Greater CS-

In view of improving the products and services provided, the Mitsui Fudosan Group aims to achieve greater customer satisfaction (CS) by establishing a framework for proactive and constant communication with customers.

Holding of Customer Questionnaire Surveys, etc.

Initiatives are made to listen to feedback from customers at each business. CS surveys are conducted for tenant companies of office buildings, tenants of condominiums and detached housing, hotel guests, etc., the results of which are used to make improvements in various ways. In the retail properties business, opinions and comments are extensively gathered by installing Customer Opinions Boxes and holding “Coffee Break” group interviews with the cooperation of the customer membership organization LaLa Club. Such opinions and comments are effectively used in the improvement of the operation of facilities, creation of stores and other areas.

Examples of Improvements Based on User Opinions
  • Office Buildings
    • Prevention of crime
    • Separation of smoking areas
    • Maintenance of common-use areas
    • Improvement of the program for operating elevators
    • Maintenance of the restroom facilities and environment
    • Holding viewings of elevator rescue drills
    • Holding viewing tours of facilities in the buildings
  • Retail Facilities
    • Adding coin locker units
    • Kid's space refurbishment
    • Adding stroller drop off locations
    • Adding cart drop off locations
    • Improving parking lot signs
    • Adding indoor benches and signs
    • Improving smoking room door
    • Installing curtain in diaper changing room

Communication Efforts with Consumers

The consumer communication effort “Mitsui Open Communication (MOC)” is being promoted at Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd. to offer for-sale condominiums and detached houses that bring higher degrees of comfort and satisfaction. Quantitative questionnaires, group interviews, and tours have been used to build trusting relationships by “thoroughness of customer orientation” and improvement of product and service qualities. Beginning in 2012, efforts will further evolve under the concept of “more in daily living.”

MOC(Mitsui Open Communication)

MOC(Mitsui Open Communication)

“MOC” Original Product Development

Conceptual diagram of “MOC household item falling prevention grip wall system”

Conceptual diagram of
“MOC household item falling prevention
grip wall system”

Original products and services developed through “MOC” activity are being sequentially developed with the for-sale condominium “Park Homes” in the Tokyo metropolitan area at the center. The “MOC kitchen 2012” (kitchen) and “MOC color taste 2012” (interior color taste, door in rooms) began to be introduced in February 2012. In addition, the “MOC household item falling prevention grip wall system (temporary name)” (patent pending), which contributes to safe and secure living, was developed.

Developing Products that Utilize SNS

In January 2012 an opportunity was created for consumers to share ideas over the internet in the social challenge community “Blabo!” ( with theme of “making a town that excites the ‘child's heart.’” The new ideas that were born there will be incorporated into residences and services that have been offered since April.

Mitsui Fudosan Group Environment Communication Word Striving for Urban Development that Enriches Both People and the Earth

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