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IR Activities - To Form Relationships of Trust with Shareholders and Investors -

Goal of IR Activities

Since the establishment of an IR Group in April 2001, Mitsui Fudosan has been increasingly focusing on IR activities.
When undertaking IR activities, we endeavor to foster understanding among shareholders, institutional investors, securities analysts, individual investors and other market participants. Furthermore, we embark on all sorts of initiatives aimed at forming long-term relationships of trust with market participants. We seek to be evaluated appropriately as a result of such efforts.
To this end, we implement “timely,” “proper” and “proactive” disclosure of management strategies, financial status and other information, along with working to enrich the variety of IR tools.

Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

When undertaking IR activities, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. endeavors to foster an accurate understanding of its business among key participants of the financial markets - shareholders, other investors, and securities analysts. We target initiatives aimed at earning the long-term confidence of all market participants, and seek to be evaluated appropriately as a result. In an effort to achieve these objectives, we work to ensure proper disclosure of management strategies, financial status, and other information related to the Company.

Basic Policy of Returning Profits to Shareholders

We make returns to shareholders from a medium- to long-term perspective upon comprehensive consideration of the expectation of direct benefit reduction by the shareholders and enhanced shareholder value through the reinvestment of profits. In addition to maintaining stable dividends, we aim to increase the dividend level through the growth of future profits.
Dividends for the March period in 2012 were conducted at 22 yen per share (dividends for the March period in 2011 were conducted at 22 yen per share).

Guidelines for Disclosure of Information

Mitsui Fudosan discloses information promptly according to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and related regulations, as well as the Rules on Timely Disclosure and other rules determined by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), with “transparency,” “fairness,” “continuity” and “timeliness” as its basic stance.
In the disclosure of information mandated by the Rules on Timely Disclosure and other rules, the disclosure is transmitted via TDnet, the timely disclosure network system operated by the TSE, in accordance with said Rules. Securities reports, quarterly semiannual reports and other disclosure documents are released via EDINET, the electronic disclosure system operated by the Financial Services Agency.
Simultaneously, this information is also uploaded on our website.
Concerning information not subject to the Rules on Timely Disclosure and other rules, we also proactively and promptly disclose information that is deemed useful in understanding the Company or important in making investment decisions and such as much as possible via our website, media organizations and other means.

Stock Information (as of March 31, 2012)
  • Number of shares authorized: 3,290,000,000 shares
  • Number of shares issued and outstanding: 881,424,727 shares
  • Number of shareholders: 34,164 shareholders
Composition by No. of Shareholdings
Composition by No. of Shareholdings

IR Communication

Financial results briefings for investors and analysts

Financial results briefings
for investors and analysts

Mitsui Fudosan'smain IR activities include opening a variety of IR tools to the public on the company'swebsite, financial results briefings and meetings for analysts, responding to individual coverage, overseas IR road shows and property tours.
For individual investors and analysts, IR information (in Japanese and English) is uploaded on the website. We provide our management policy, financial data, IR library, IR presentation, IR calendar, stock and shareholder information, information for individual investors, and other information in response to requests from market participants.
Also, we newly established a section especially for individual investors in April 2010. Posted in this section are a message from the president, along with corporate data and history, overview of business operations, performance highlights and other information, for the purpose of making information concerning Mitsui Fudosan easier to understand for individual investors.
For domestic institutional investors and analysts, in addition to providing information via our website, we also hold financial results briefings twice a year and are proactively involved in conferences with institutional investors and analysts. Additionally, responses to individual coverage have reached approximately 400 a year, and property tours are also being conducted.
Furthermore, for overseas institutional investors and analysts, we conduct tours several times a year, during which we mainly respond to private interviews. Recently, we have visited many institutional investors in various parts of North America, Europe and Asia.
The voices of shareholders, institutional investors, analysts and individual investors obtained through the various meetings, private interviews and other means in this manner are also fed back to our management.

Posting Video of Analyst Meeting

As part of the quick and appropriate disclosure of information to shareholders, financial results briefings and video distribution of mid- to long-term management plan briefings have begun from July 2011. These can be accessed from our Investors page. We also post this in English in order to disclose information in a fair manner.

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