Social and Environmental Initiatives 2012

Creating and Disseminating New Value

The Mitsui Fudosan Group sets the creation of “new value,” keeping abreast of social and economic changes, through its core business of urban development and thereby contributing to society's progress as a core theme of CSR efforts.

Tokyo Midtown's“JAPAN VALUE”

At Tokyo Midtown (Minato-ku, Tokyo), Mitsui Fudosan aims to achieve a fusion of vast greenery with an array of urban functions based on the concept of “Diversity on the Green.” To this end, Mitsui Fudosan formulated the “Tokyo Midtown Charter,” which sets “A town that creates and brings together JAPAN VALUE and continues to disseminate such to the world” as our vision, and refers to the Charter as the guidelines for urban development.
Tokyo Midtown'sperspective of JAPAN VALUE is “new values, sensitivities and talents of Japan.” We are made to create and disseminate new value and revitalize the Roppongi Area through art/design- and ecology-themed events and other undertakings.

Support Charity for Affected Areas, “Smile for Japan”

Various activities were conducted to support the disaster area of the Great East Japan Earthquake after April 2011. The 6,140,618 yen relief fund collected through concerts, flea markets, and charity events was donated to the disaster area through the Japanese Red Cross Society. Support activities for disaster area revitalization such as sales donations were also conducted at each shop in “Tokyo Midtown.”

Tokyo Midtown Award 2011

Tokyo Midtown Award 2011

As part of efforts to aim to be a town that creates and disseminates JAPAN VALUE, an award intended to discover and support the talents on which the next generation depends was created in 2008. In 2011, which will be the fourth time, each winning piece including the grand prize was announced in October out of the 309 entries for the art competition with a “city” theme and 1,161 entries from inside and outside of the country for the design competition with “5” as the theme because it is the business’ 5th year anniversary of opening.

Award-winning work of the Art Competition Grand Prize “frames of emptiness” [Winner: Seiko Yamamoto]

Award-winning work of the Art
Competition Grand Prize
“frames of emptiness”
[Winner: Seiko Yamamoto]

Award-winning work of the Design Competition Grand Prize “Engi-no-yoi-chokinbako” [Winner:Seiji Fujimoto]

Award-winning work of the Design
Competition Grand Prize
[Winner:Seiji Fujimoto]

“Tokyo Midtown” Fifth Year Anniversary of Opening

In March 2012, “Tokyo Midtown” had its 5th anniversary of its opening in 2007. The five years have seen a total of 140 million visitors.
Various anniversary events were held from March 28th to April 8th as “Tokyo Midtown 5th Anniversary Special Week” with many customers participating.
“Tokyo Midtown,” which was born as a complex city consolidating various city functions, aims to create and disseminate JAPAN VALUE, and has simultaneously made efforts to strengthen the trusting relationship with the region and improve the value of the Roppongi area as well.
A new JAPAN VALUE unique to the complex city will be created by synergy, and city-making that “improves with time” and looks ahead 5, even 10 years into the future will continue.

Symbol of 5th year anniversary of opening “the GIFT of wonder”

Symbol of 5th year anniversary
of opening
“the GIFT of wonder”

“Tokyo Midtown”

“Tokyo Midtown”

Creative Urban Development “Kashiwanoha Smart City”

The Kashiwanoha Smart City Project is being advanced by the Mitsui Fudosan Group in the peripheries of the Tsukuba Express Kashiwanoha-campus Station (Kashiwa-shi, Chiba), under collaboration with the public sector, and academia, and supporting various value creation initiatives for the future, such as vitalizing regional communities and conducting advanced demonstration experiments. Value-creating efforts that aim for a “future world vision,” such as regional community revitalization and advanced social experiments, are being supported.

"Town Planning Council at Kashiwanoha Campus Station" Established

In July 2011, the "Town Planning Council at Kashiwanoha Campus Station" was established for the five city blocks around Kashiwanoha Campus Station. Its members are composed of two resident organizations around the station *1 and six location institutions *2, and it is one of the country'slargest area management organizations in which residents and established corporations operate together. Sixty council members participated in the organizational meeting, and a tour of the area with disaster prevention facilities in the center was conducted.
The aim of the Council is to make efforts to maintain and improve the living environment while making efforts to solve and revitalize regional challenges of the developing Kashiwanoha campus area. Specifically, it is planned to make efforts to prevent disasters, prevent crimes, beautify the city, and promote the health and welfare of residents and fellowship activities.

*1 The two resident organizations: Kashiwanoha Campus Ichibangai Town Association, Park City Kashiwanoha Campus Nibangai Management Organization.
*2 The six location institutions: Kyoba Bank, Tsujinaka Hospital, LaLaport Kashiwanoha, Kashiwanoha Urban Design Center (UDCK), Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd.

Marche Couleur

“Marche Couleur”

“Marche Couleur”

An urban Marche that will be held on a regular basis in front of the Kashiwanoha Campus station and residents will also participate in operating. Aiming for local production for local consumption, local businesses and farmers have opened stores. It has become a regional community that is rooted in the region and connects people. Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd. participated in the “Marche Couleur Executive Committee,” the host, and “LaLaport Kashiwanoha” and Mitsui Fudosan are cooperating in management. It was awarded the Good Design Award in 2011.

“Costume of the City”

Four costume types that can be used in various kinds of work

Four costume types that can be
used in various kinds of work

It is Kashiwa-shi'soriginal town costume created with the concept of "Making beautiful stage costumes of the city and workplace." It is currently being introduced as staff work-wear at "Kashiwanoha Urban Design Center (UDCK)" and "Park City Kashiwanoha Campus Nibangai," and it is aimed to be spread throughout all of Kashiwa-shi in the future. It is due to the efforts of Mitsui Real Estate Residential Co., Ltd. and Kashiwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and it was awarded the Good Design Award in 2011.

Appointment of “Comprehensive Special Zones for Regional Revitalization” and “Environmental City of the Future” by the Cabinet Office
Towards a city that presents global models for resolving issues in collaboration with the government and industrial world

All Kashiwa-shi areas were appointed in December 2011 with Kashiwanoha campus area at the center as target areas of the "Special Zones for Comprehensive Regional Revitalization (General Special Zones)" (26 districts nationwide) and the "environmental city of the future" (11 districts nationwide), the pillars of the government'snew growth strategy.
In the Kashiwanoha campus area, it is aimed to realize a city in which a model that solves increasingly complex modern social issues is presented to the world. This time, detailed efforts were suggested and appointed by the cabinet office from the three axes of the urban management mechanism that supports the energy, health and care sectors with the theme of "autonomous urban management through civil and academic collaboration."
In the future, efforts to create value will be accelerated by gaining the full support of the government, such as tax incentives and deregulation, steadily promoting the proposed content and widely spread and develop the results of the urban development model that will become the “future world vision.”

Good Design Award Recipient for Twelve Consecutive Years

At Mitsui Fudosan Group a record number of six departments and ten projects received the Good Design Award 2011 (sponsored by the Japan Design Association for the Promotion of Public Interest). Mitsui Fudosan Group has now received the award for 12 consecutive years.

Main Features of Awarded Projects

Creating Value in Overseas Businesses

Mitsui Fudosan Group is making efforts to provide "richness and affluence to the city" overseas. Efforts for globalization were emphasized in the “Innovation 2017” medium-term management plan group formulated in 2012, and especially regarding business development in Asia “making development of retail properties, residences and buildings aggressive” and “creating value through proactive participation in the planning of urban development” were mentioned.
In order to take advantage of the know-how of "quality" and "environment" cultivated in Japan, participation in the planning of many projects in China is taking place.

Sugii Outlet Plaza, Ningbo

Sugii Outlet Plaza, Ningbo

Sugii Outlet Plaza, Ningbo

The grand opening was in the city of Ningbo, Zhejiang in September 2011. It was the first time to participate in the planning of a retail property business overseas. Circuit type mall lines that are popular at facilities in Japan were introduced. Also, by localizing the expertise in customer service that has been cultivated in the country and training local staff, we are aiming for safe, secure and clean facilities in terms of management and administration.

House Huang Ma Yuan (millipede project)

In Shanghai Jiading, where Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd.'snew town development plan is in progress, environment-friendly and energy conserving residences have been developed, and Nangai-ku was completed in 2011.

Tianjin Eco-City

With the concepts of “harmony with the environment” and “resource-saving and resource recycling efficiency,” Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd. is participating in the planning of the residential business of the first Chinese and national level large-scale environmental urban project “Tianjin Eco-City” (Tianjin), part of which was completed in 2012.

Inviting Disaster Area Middle Schoolers to the Event
Christmas events

Mitsui Fudosan Group'shotel "Halekulani" in Honolulu, Hawaii cooperatively participated in Great East Japan Earthquake disaster relief programs through organizations such as Japan-America Society of Hawaii. In December 2011, 26 children from the Miyagi disaster area were invited to Christmas events as "heart support" and they experienced a Christmas that is completely different from Japan.

Mitsui Fudosan Group Environment Communication Word Striving for Urban Development that Enriches Both People and the Earth

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