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Work Environment - Creating a Work Environment Where Each and Every Employee Can Work with Enthusiasm -

Supporting and Realizing Work-Life Balance

Mitsui Fudosan Family Day Dried Bonito Shaving Experience

Mitsui Fudosan Family Day
Dried Bonito Shaving Experience

Mitsui Fudosan Family Day Nihonbashi River Cruise

Mitsui Fudosan Family Day
Nihonbashi River Cruise

To enable employees to work with enthusiasm in a manner that suits their lifestyles and to create a work environment where women and men alike find it easy to work, Mitsui Fudosan has developed various systems that aim to support child care and nursing care and to help realize an appropriate work-life balance.
Upon returning to work after taking child care leave and in other similar cases, a trilateral meeting between the concerned individual, the Personnel Department and his/her immediate manager is held if he/she so desires. Other occasions to think about work-life balance are also provided, including making the first, third and fifth (if there is a fifth) Wednesday of the month a no-overtime-work day and holding Mitsui Fudosan Family Day. The fiscal 2011 Mitsui Fudosan Family Day which was held on July 23 saw the participation of 297 individuals from 129 families. It provided an opportunity for employees and families to deepen their bonds with regional communities through visiting workplaces and local exchange.

Furthermore, as measures to maintain and promote good health, Mitsui Fudosan has installed a Health Committee and is making such efforts as raising the percentage of employees taking regular health checkups. Efforts are also being made to improve the overall labor environment by having health nurses and industrial physicians meet with employees who are working long hours or overworking.
Moreover, Mitsui Fudosan aims to create an environment that respects the interests of the employees themselves and where they can work with peace of mind by taking such steps as ensuring coordination between the Personnel Department and the heads of the respective Groups with the Health Management Center, which houses industrial physicians and resident health nurses, when employees use reinstatement programs upon returning to work after taking long-term leave for physical or mental health reasons and in other cases.

Child Care Support
  • Pregnancy and maternity leave (6 weeks before childbirth and 8 weeks after childbirth)
  • Child care leave (until the end of April after the year which the child reaches the age of 2)
  • Short working hours for child care (up to when the child enters 3rd year of elementary school)
  • In-office nurseries
Family Care Support
  • Family care leave (up to 1 year per family member requiring care)
  • Short working hours for family care
  • Introduced family care consulting service
  • Nursing leave
Support for Ensuring an Appropriate Work-Life Balance
  • Special summer leave and special consecutive leave
  • Refreshment leave (available for employees who have reached a certain number of years of continuous employment)

Establishment of In-Office Nursery in Nihonbashi

“Kids Square Nihonbashi Muromachi”

“Kids Square Nihonbashi Muromachi”

To support the diverse ways employees work, an in-office nursery, “Kids Square Nihonbashi Muromachi” (capacity of 50 people) was established on April 1st 2011 in Nihonbashi's"Mitsui building two" (Chuo-ku, Tokyo), where Mitsui Fudosan headquarters are located. Management is done using a “consortium method” in which tenant corporations which reside in Mitsui Fudosan'soffice buildings can participate, and it is being utilized to establish both childcare and work.

Human Rights Protection Initiatives

Mitsui Fudosan has established employee conduct standards regarding human rights and has formed a Human Rights Awareness Raising Committee within the company. New employees attend training on sexual harassment, power harassment and discrimination, and a consultation counter for sexual harassment has been set up at the Personnel Department that is open 24 hours a day to take phone consultations. In 2011, enlightening activities, such as holding harassment instruction courses a few times a year, continuously progressed.
Mitsui Fudosan is also mounting efforts to raise awareness of human rights throughout the entire Group by installing a Fair Employment Screening and Human Rights Awareness Raising Promotion Committee within the company and organizing Fair Employment Screening and Human Rights Awareness Raising Liaison Conferences between Group companies.

Mitsui Fudosan Group Environment Communication Word Striving for Urban Development that Enriches Both People and the Earth

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