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Towards the Next 100 Years ~ Fiscal 2011 Topics ~

Nihonbashi Bridge 100th Anniversary Festival

April 2011 marked 100 years since the construction of the present stone-built Nihonbashi Bridge. The Nihonbashi Bridge 100th Anniversary Festival was held on October 29 to 30 as the climax of the array of events held in commemoration of such.
Events included Nihonbashi Oedo Shu-un Festival, which reenacts the bustle of transportation by boat and the fish market of the Edo Period, and Oedo Kakki Parade, which is a parade of traditional arts of Tohoku and mikoshi (portable shrines) of Kanda and Sanno for 2km along Chuo-dori Street. Attracting over 100,000 visitors, it was two days filled with reenactment of the bustle of Nihonbashi and thoughts for the reconstruction of Tohoku.

Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony

Oedo Shu-un Festival

Oedo Shu-un Festival

Nihonbashi Bridge 100th Anniversary Festival

Nihonbashi Bridge 100th Anniversary

Muromachi East District Development Project Block #2-3 (tentative name) Construction Start

In November, construction was started for the Muromachi East District Development Project Block #2-3 (tentative name), a mixed-use property comprising offices, retail properties, rental housing, etc. A development following the development of Muromachi Higashi Mitsui Building that opened in 2010, the “street development leading to urban development” underway along Chuo-dori Street is soon set to expand from development along a “line” to development of an “area.”
Development will continue to be advanced in parallel with the surrounding streets and town towards completion of construction in 2014.

Asage Nihonbashi

New community-forming initiatives for the purpose of interaction among workers who work in Nihonbashi were launched in January 2012. Asage Nihonbashi is self-operated by workers from the area, including Mitsui Fudosan, and meets almost every month.
This is a program for deepening interaction among participants over breakfast while listening to Mae-hyaku (previous 100 years = guest from a local long-established business) and Ato-hyaku (next 100 years = guest who is a creator or from a startup company) speakers. With such great turnout that there are not enough seats for everyone, thanks in part to word of mouth via SNS, etc., it is serving as a forum that is very Nihonbashi for connecting traditions and workers.

Comments from a Third Party
Taito Yamamoto Vice President Yamamoto Noriten Co., Ltd.

Unparalleled Urban Development Making Most of Nihonbashi'sUnique Characteristics

Taito Yamamoto Vice President
Yamamoto Noriten Co., Ltd.

As one running a seaweed shop continuously in this location since the Edo Period, I have long been engaged in the revitalization of Nihonbashi. The 400 years of history and culture. The daily lives of the people with the river. I want such values, which are being forgotten in the course of prioritizing economics, to be passed on into the future. We will probably be scolded “What were you doing?” by people 100 years from now if we do not take action today.
In 2011, the completion of Nihonbashi Dock, the Nihonbashi Bridge 100th Anniversary Festival and other events captured widespread attention on Nihonbashi and also increased awareness among locals. That, however, is not the destination, but rather still only halfway.
Nihonbashi is home to many small- and medium-sized long-established businesses possessing culture that is handed down from generation to generation, ingenuity and other intangible characteristics. From the perspective of large urban development, I place my hopes on Mitsui Fudosan demonstrating the power to bring those together as one. While maintaining good harmony, I would like to advance step by step looking ahead to 50 year's time and 100 year's time.

Mitsui Fudosan Group Environment Communication Word Striving for Urban Development that Enriches Both People and the Earth

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