Social and Environmental Initiatives 2012

Special Feature 3 Nihonbashi Revitalization Plan ~ To create while retaining and reviving ~

Nihonbashi is where Mitsui Fudosan is headquartered and is an area deeply connected to the Mitsui Group. The Nihonbashi Revitalization Plan, which will contribute to Nihonbashi's revitalization and creation of new attractions with the town's history and culture as strengths, is being pursued through the united efforts of the public sector, private sector and community.

* Mitsui Fudosan is working to revitalize Nihonbashi by joining the Meikyo “Nihonbashi” Hozonkai (famed Nihonbashi Bridge preservation society), Nihonbashi Chiiki Renaissance Hyakunen Keikaku Iinkai (committee for the 100 year renaissance plan of Nihonbashi and environs), Nihonbashi Saisei Suishin Kyogikai (Nihonbashi revitalization promotion council) and other local organizations.

Nihonbashi Developments and Mitsui Fudosan This traces the developments of the Nihonbashi area over the 400 years since the Edo Period, as well as Mitsui Fudosan's involvement with Nihonbashi that spans 70 years.
Towards the Next 100 Years ~ Fiscal 2011 Topics ~ This introduces the initiatives for future urban development of Nihonbashi, centering on fiscal 2011 topics.

Mitsui Fudosan Group Environment Communication Word Striving for Urban Development that Enriches Both People and the Earth

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