Mitsui Fudosan Group's Social and Environmental Initiatives 2013

The Mitsui Fudosan Group's Social and Environmental Initiatives: Third-party comment

Third-party comment

I look forward to Mitsui Fudosan creating advanced communities that unify social and environmental interests while collaborating with local residents.

Third-party comment: I look forward to Mitsui Fudosan creating advanced communities that unify social and environmental interests while collaborating with local residents.

Mr. Toshiharu Ikaga, Professor, Department of System Design Engineering, School of Science for Open and Environmental Systems, Keio University

Mr. Toshiharu Ikaga
Professor, Department of System Design Engineering
School of Science for Open and Environmental Systems, Keio University

I think this report presents the forward-looking social and environmental initiatives of the Mitsui Fudosan Group in an easy-to-understand format.
The first point I would like to draw attention to is Mitsui Fudosan's aim to create smarter homes and communities, especially its many projects based on a smart city strategy that incorporates not only the latest advancements in physical infrastructure, but also the proactive involvement of local residents in community-building activities. Kashiwanoha Smart City is a textbook example of this strategy. I highly praise the Mitsui Fudosan Group's strategy as a leading player to create smarter communities. Urban development has picked up pace in Southeast Asian countries over the past few years, and I sense an intense interest in smart cities in my conversations with government officials in these countries. Using the smart cities it created in Japan as a showroom, I believe Mitsui Fudosan is in an excellent position to market its expertise in creating communities overseas.
I think Mitsui Fudosan should be commended for the strong and steady progress described in this report that the Group has made in standardizing specifications for reducing CO2 emissions in homes, which has served to lift overall standards in the industry.
The second point I would highlight is Mitsui Fudosan's emphasis on safety and security. In the two years since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Mitsui Fudosan has reported on its wide-ranging initiatives to enhance safety and security while making communities smarter. Among these initiatives, the Company has integrated efforts to ensure BCP and disaster prevention with an environmental angle, such as reducing CO2 emissions. This strategy leads to greater value in real estate as value added is provided to customers and society in both normal and abnormal times. Mitsui Fudosan's efforts to create communities serve to deter crime while keeping an eye on the elderly during normal times, as well as bring people together during times of emergency for mutual help. This is quite significant in terms of ensuring safety and security for communities and local residents.
I look forward to seeing more from Mitsui Fudosan's efforts to combine the interests of society and the environment, in line with its newly formulated policy of contributing to society.

Third-party comment

I expect Mitsui Fudosan to make steady progress in making our lives smarter.

Third-party comment: I expect Mitsui Fudosan to make steady progress in making our lives smarter.

Ms. Ayako Yamakawa, Advisory Specialist for Consumers' Affairs, Part-time Lecturer, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Representative of Energy Conscious

Ms. Ayako Yamakawa
Advisory Specialist for Consumers' Affairs
Part-time Lecturer, Shibaura Institute of Technology
Representative of Energy Conscious

We have various needs in our homes and lives for comfort, convenience, healthcare, safety, security and care for the environment. As homebuilders, companies are tasked with addressing and fulfilling these needs. This report clearly states the progress Mitsui Fudosan has made as an industry leader in tackling these challenges.
I highly praise the approach Mitsui Fudosan has taken to comprehensively solving problems by focusing on making homes smarter and then accelerating these efforts. The Company has concentrated its efforts to reduce energy usage though homes in the MIDEAS demonstration project, which offers a visualization of energy usage, controls home appliances, and adjusts windows and louvers based on lighting conditions and weather information. I look forward to watching developments at Mitsui Fudosan as it enables lifestyles with comfort and convenience while conserving energy.
At Park Tower Nishi-Shinjuku M's Port, Mitsui Fudosan plans to implement a system that rewards residents for reducing energy usage during peak demand periods. It is a ground-changing opportunity to let people actively participate in cutting electricity usage during peak demand and conserving energy. I believe this system will provide much-needed data and expertise for promoting its widespread adoption in the future.
In addition to these forward-looking initiatives, I am also impressed with Mitsui Fudosan's determination to standardize specifications for high-performance insulation and energy-saving equipment in the built-for-sale and rental condominium businesses, as well as the built-for-sale and custom-made detached housing businesses. Starting with this report, Mitsui Fudosan presents a view of its efforts on this front, making this information more accessible to readers.
Moreover, it is noteworthy that the Company has added environmental targets for promoting the use of forest resources, and that it has created a cycle for planting, making and using forests. I believe it is significant that the Mitsui Fudosan Group is in a unique position to be able to responsibly use resources from Japan's forests in the construction of condominiums in urban areas.
Going forward, I am excited to see how Mitsui Fudosan will strive toward the realization of a sustainable society.

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