Third-Party Comments

Making Comprehensive Efforts Toward the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through Business Activities

Toshiharu Ikaga
Professor, School of Science for Open & Environmental Systems
Graduate School of Science & Technology, Keio University
Toshiharu Ikaga

In this year’s report, not only has the name changed from &EARTH REPORT to ESG Report, the content has been radically overhauled, too. Focusing on ESG issues, namely those concerning the environment, society and corporate governance, the report also incorporates the sustainable development goals (SDGs), which are currently drawing a great deal of attention. I think the way in which the report clearly and concisely shows the Mitsui Fudosan Group’s efforts in response to the 17 SDGs is groundbreaking. The report conveys the Group’s policy of comprehensively tackling all 17 goals through its business activities, which will also surely gather notice in ESG-based investment.

Continuing on from my comments from last year’s report, it was once again clear to see the Group’s stance of pursuing "smart wellness" in its office and residential buildings. A working environment where employees can do their jobs comfortably, and a home environment conducive to physical and mental health, are essential in raising a business’ productivity. Scientific studies have shown that sufficient exercise stimulates brain activity, and has a positive influence on efficiency at work or in children’s ability to study. Through the provision of high-grade living spaces, represented by Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City and its high-quality tenanted offices, the Mitsui Fudosan Group is contributing to making “smart wellness” a reality. While this report gives the example of apartment buildings in Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City that support those raising children, with both childcare and pediatrics facilities on site, that isn’t the only support Mitsui Fudosan has been offering. In 2011, the Group invited day care centers to provide childcare in office buildings in Nihonbashi and Shinjuku, leading the trend in supporting diverse working styles. I really think that the Group should draw more attention to these kinds of achievements.

In the current age, it has become possible, through the advancement of various sensors and IoT, to measure people’s activity levels or sleep quality without the need for bulky equipment. Surely in the future neighborhood creation will apply the lessons learnt from that sort of data. The Big Data that the Mitsui Fudosan Group could gather would prove a valuable asset. I hope that the company will make the most of that asset in its business activities.

Alongside the examples given in this report, there are plenty of other ways in which the Mitsui Fudosan Group is working toward sustainable neighborhood creation. As well as continuing to respond to societal problems through that neighborhood creation, the Group should proceed with internal training and disclose that information. I’m already looking forward to next year’s report.

Improved Worker Satisfaction or Experience Leads to Improved Services and Building/Neighborhood Creation

Ayako Yamakawa
Representative, Energy Conscious
Consumer Lifestyle Advisor
Ayako Yamakawa

The international targets of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals have been garnering attention around the world, and Japan is no exception. The information contained in this year’s special report mirrors those SDGs, adding the goals’ symbols throughout the report’s contents, and summarizing the details concisely and with plenty of photographs. I was impressed with how easy the report was to read and how it instilled a desire to read on.

In the activities reports, there was information about worker safety and labor standards and practices, which were not covered in detail in the past. By linking these with the 17 SDGs, I feel that the information provided has become more substantial. I was also impressed with the new way in which the Group disclosed the status of its efforts in numerical values.

To improve customer satisfaction, it is necessary to improve employee satisfaction. In order to do so, it is essential for companies to provide their employees with good working environments and to implement systems whereby diverse working styles are made possible. I hope that in the future, the Group will continue to improve its working environments and actively disclose relevant information.

I think it is important that companies do their part to support, and provide opportunities for, employees who wish to take part in volunteer activities, such as helping out in areas affected by disaster, or with international clothing support projects. It also seems that more male employees are taking paternity leave. By volunteering or looking after young children, people learn to look at their lives a little differently, and this has a positive knock-on effect for the company’s services, and building and neighborhood creation. When it comes to manufacturing, both male and female viewpoints need to be taken into consideration, so I hope Mitsui Fudosan will go even further in increasing the roles women have to play.

I would like Mitsui Fudosan to continue its progress toward achieving the SDGs while providing services, buildings and neighborhoods in line with its users’ point of view.