Segment Information [4] Mitsui Home

Revenue from Operations

Millions of Yen

Three Months Ended June 30 Change
2018 2017
New Construction 29,489 26,572 2,916
Reform/Renewal 8,001 7,228 772
Lease Management 6,540 6,098 441
Material Sales
5,335 4,279 1,056
Total 49,366 44,180 5,186

Note: The above revenue figures differ from those disclosed by Mitsui Home, because sales to the Mitsui Fudosan Group are deducted from Mitsui Homeís consolidated revenue from operations.

As Japanís leading builder of two-by-four houses, Mitsui Home uses its advanced technologies and consulting expertise to make top-quality, well-designed houses conducive to long-term living.

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