Venture Co-creation

Startup investment business to
create new industries for Japan.


At the end of 2015, Mitsui Fudosan established “31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund” to invest in primarily in early-stage venture startups. We have also launched 30 billion yen new startup investment initiative that targets growth-stage startups which have established a solid revenue base.
Together with funding for the core business, we accelerate the expansion of startup’s businesses by providing the support of Mitsui Fudosan Group's resources business know-how and customer base.


"31VENTURES" – Mitsui Fudosan's venture co-creation project was launched in April 2015. In addition to providing startups with a comfortable office environment, we will provide fully integrated venture capital service based on our broad experience, know-how and networks.


In May 2018, we have launched BASE Q in TOKYO MIDTOWN HIBIYA. BASE Q is a platform to drive open innovation, where people gather to generate new value and solve social issues. By revitalizing the business creation hub,and through the Innovation Building Program, this platform will contribute to innovation of major Japanese corporates and to the rejuvenation of the Japanese economy.

About BASE Q



Building a community that is a
magnet for a diversity of people from
entrepreneurs and representatives of
major corporations to researchers.


Hands-on Support Encompassing
Every Field


31VENTURES can also assist in
providing speedy finance support-
essential to the growth of venture

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Open Innovation Creation Hub

Space where diversified talents assemble to
create and expand new business.

Space where diversied talents assemble to
create and expand new business.

BASE Q is for people aiming to generate new value and address social issues within major corporate with support from including Startups, creators NPOs, and others. The hub provides various function for multiple objectives such as the Q LOUNGE members-only community space,
Q HALL with a capacity of up to 450 people,

Innovation Building Program

Program to foster innovation in major Japanese corporates.

Program to foster innovation in major Japanese corporates.

For major, corporates to create innovation, the existence of intrapreneurs (people working on innovation inside major corporates) is important. The Innovation Building Program will emphasize vision, diversity, and commitment as the necessary elements for intrapreneurs, and will offer content to learn these.