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“Aoyama OM-SQUARE” Construction Completed
Announcing the names of retail tenants,
including Scandinavian restaurant “Aquavit” marking its first Japan debut

July 22, 2008
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Fudosan is proud to announce the completion of construction of “Aoyama OM-SQUARE”, an office building development project at Kita-Aoyama 2-chome, Minato Ward, Tokyo. A ceremony was held today to celebrate the building completion. Mitsui Fudosan provided project management services under this project.

Aoyama OM-SQUARE is located nearby the green-luscious Jingu Gaien. It is a multi-purpose building featuring office (upper floors) and retail shops & showroom (lower floors).

Oracle Corporation Japan will occupy the office floors (from 3rd floor to 24th floor) as their Japan Headquarter.

Mitsui Fudosan, as Project Manager, has taken actions to manage and coordinate the entire project. Other project members, Shimizu Corporation (designer & supervisor), Naomi Sato Architects (design architect), Shimizu Corporation & Hazama Corporation (joint contractors) have accomplished their duties respectively to make this project a great success.

Major Features of Aoyama OM-SQUARE

  • Modern innovative design: The upper portion of the building is comprised of glass, stone and metal materials. Portraying the entrance as a theatrical stage, the lower portion is designed to resemble and feature a proscenium arch.
  • Adoption of various eco-friendly, energy-saving measures: Rooftop gardening, green wall, low-emission glass, district heating and cooling system, etc.
  • Great lineup of retail shops that both office workers and guests visiting Aoyama will sure to enjoy: New York’s popular Scandinavian restaurant “AQUAVIT” (first debut in Japan), Lexus Aoyama Showroom, Daiichi Engei Main Shop and more (For list of shop tenants, please refer to latter text.)

Exterior appearance


Building Profile

Location 5-8, Kita-Aoyama 2-chome, Minato ward, Tokyo, Japan
Investor Yugen Kaisha Chorus Property (private limited liability corporation)
Project Manager Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
Site Area 6,392.21 sqm (1,933.64 tsubo)
Floor-area ratio 626.10%
Main usage Office, retail shops
# of Floors
Steel structure (partly steel-framed reinforced concrete)
25 floors above ground, 3 floors underground
Gross Floor Area 47,135.25 sqm. (14,258.41 tsubo)
Net Floor Area 26,466.863 sqm. (8,006.22 tsubo)
# of Parking lots 108 lots
Design & Supervision Shimizu Corporation (First-class registered architect office)
Design Architect Naomi Sato Architects
Contractors Joint venture of Shimizu Corporation and Hazama Corporation
Schedule Start of construction: March 9, 2006
End of construction: July 31, 2008

List of Retail Tenants

Floor Name of Shop Industry Name of Company Opens on
B1F-1F Lexus Aoyama Showroom Car dealer Toyota Administa Corp. Early October
1F AQUAVIT Modern Scandinavian Restaurant WDI Corporation Early October
1F Daiichi Engei Main Shop Florist Daiichi Engei Co., Ltd. Fri., Sep. 5
B1F Pronto Café Pronto Corporation Wed., Sep. 3
B1F Family Mart Convenience store Family Corporation Inc. Mon., Sep. 1
B1F Liu Hari Massage HARI UP Massage &
Koritoreru Co., Ltd. Mon., Sep. 1