Retail Properties

Creation of properties that grow with the city and
people - places where people gather to relax.


A new form of retail properties that we seek is rooted in the local community and we grow them together with our customers. We are pushing forward with our retail property business under the concept of "Growing Together." We seek to provide not just a place to sell things but a place where
you can spend an enriching time. What we are trying to achieve is to create a space full of new experiences and discoveries as a result of constantly listening to our customers and capturing what they really want. We are making a wide variety of retail properties specifically designed for regions and communities all over Japan.


We think about the customers who come to visit us and continue to create inspiring experiences full of dreams of a new era

We always create inspiring experiences

We always think about providing each and every
customer that comes to our retail properties with the
space and experiences for spending time for enrichment.

This does not end merely at providing things, but in providing inspiring experiences within normal day-to-day life through such things as thoughtful services and connections between people.

We envisage our customers’ individual daily lives and realize retail properties full of smiling faces where our customers can feel at ease with themselves and get a sense of belonging.


We and our store operators are always working together to improve the attractions of our retail properties so that customers will continue to use them.

Using the strength of partnerships to thrive in the future

We are diligent in working together with store operators to pool our expertise and abilities to create even better retail properties.

We are each aware of our respective roles and seek to continue evolving toward our shared goals. We believe that retail properties with this new sense of creativity are created as a result of ceaseless efforts.

Now, and looking into the future, having a partnership with those who have the same ambitions and continue to move in the same direction will give us a firm foundation for striding forward.


We are proud of all of the staff associated with our properties, and sincerely nurture neighborhoods together with the retail properties we cultivate.

We will continue to create future neighborhoods that grow together

We will steadily grow together with our retail properties, neighborhoods and the people who live in those neighborhoods. We become part of the neighborhood and the community becomes a part of the lives of the people in the neighborhood.

We want to combine the abilities of store staff and all the staff involved in development and operations of the retail facilities to make a reality of retail facilities loved by the community and that grow together.

We will turn our attention toward the people of the community and listen to them to shape stories for discovery and inspiration in the lives of each and every customer as we head toward the future.



RAYARD was created as a new brand of shopping mall which combines a public park with a shopping center.
This will be a new initiative which incorporates the idea of “a place where various kinds of people, goods, and concepts come together and new value arises through their diverse interactions”.

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