Space & Environment Institute

Mitsui Fudosan's Space & Environment Institute

The Space & Environment Research Institute is Mitsui Fudosan's in-house think tank tasked with conducting studies and research unrestrained by conventional thinking to carry out activities that provide information and solutions and support new value creation within the Group.

Societies and economies are seeing ever greater transformation, driven by factors including rapid technological progress, climate change, globalization, and pandemics. This is creating a need to realize sustainable societies by solving social issues in areas such as energy, coexistence with the environment, safety and security, healthy longevity, and industrial revitalization. We are conducting studies and research focused on how neighborhoods should adapt to this transformation, centered on the core concept of "people make the city."

Our research focuses mainly on the following four specific areas within the vast range of themes in the reals estate business.

Sustainability, Technology,Care Design,Neighborhood CreationSustainability, Technology,Care Design,Neighborhood Creation

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