Providing Workplaces and Generating Innovation

We provide a variety of workplaces including office buildings. We also work to help businesses and support start-ups through investment, as well as actively engaging in co-creation that will innovate the real estate industry and entering into new business areas.

Work in an Enriching Environment

Mitsui Office is pioneering workstyle and workplace diversity so that anyone can work in a way that expresses their individuality. We provides spaces that are not just for work, but where people can gather and explore new lifestyles through a variety of activities both on and off the clock.

Collaboration and Co-creation

We seek to create office environments that cater to the diverse workstyles of business people and to generate innovation in life science and aerospace-related fields. The Mitsui Fudosan Group is supporting collaboration and co-creation between creators of new industries through neighborhood creation, community building, and financing activities.


We are entering an era in which workplaces are chosen to fit workstyles. WORKSTYLING offers a selection of offices to match diverse workstyles. The ability to select workstyles that offer flexibility and freedom in where and how business people work raises productivity. It creates opportunities for encounters, learning, collaboration, and co-creation that would be difficult to realize within a single company. Events and exchange activities are held throughout the year with the aim of providing a hub for creating connections between members and member companies that transcend the barriers between companies and industries.

Aerospace Businesses Co-creation

Aerospace-related business is growing globally. It is not only a new industry but also a field which offers unlimited potential for solving terrestrial issues. We aim to grow aerospace businesses and create innovation on the ground together with a wide range of stakeholders through neighborhood creation.

Life Science

We support life science innovation through community building, the provision of spaces, and financing. Our goal is to facilitate collaboration between start-ups, universities, hospitals, major pharmaceutical companies, and other stakeholders in the life science domain to advance research and development that transcends industry boundaries.

Establishing Businesses

We are creating new industries to represent Japan through our venture investment business. This involves investing in early stage and growth stage start-up companies. We will provide active support to these start-ups and help them to grow their operations by providing the Group's human resources, business expertise, sphere of business, and experience in the neighborhood creation field.