Logistics Properties Business Division

Mitsui Fudosan's Logistics Properties Business Division

We engage in logistics business that includes creating mixed-use hubs for new industry that offer space for other purposes, such as offices, training facilities, and new industry support facilities, alongside logistics functions, and building properties in collaboration with communities as environment creation projects.

Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Park

In recent years, there has been growing demand for more efficient logistics facilities. The mission statement of our logistics businesses is "Tomoni, Tsunagu. Tomoni, Umidasu." (Connecting values together with customers and creating new values together with customers) and we work to create value that goes beyond conventional frameworks and connects a wide variety of people, goods, and concepts as a problem-solving partner to our tenants. In this way, we hope to make an even greater contribution to enriching and sustainable lifestyles.

Our Logistics Businesses

Neighborhood Creation Project

  • Work has been completed on MFLP Funabashi III and MFLP Funabashi &PARK, which includes approximately 20,000 square meters of green spaces open to the local community, marking the culmination of MFLP Funabashi, a neighborhood creation-type logistics facility with a total area of approximately 700,000 square meters that Mitsui Fudosan has spent 8 years developing since launching the project in 2013.
    MFLP Funabashi &PARK, which can also be used by local residents, has attracted the sports facility MITSUI FUDOSAN ICE PARK FUNABASHI. This ice skating rink will create liveliness in the area, including by hosting events in collaboration with the nearby Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport TOKYO-BAY. It aims to coexist with the local community and environment and contribute to achieving the SDGs as a neighborhood creation-type logistics property that lives up to Mitsui Fudosan ideal of a facility that gets better with age.

EC Automation Logistics Center

  • Opened in November 2022 as a logistics base for Mitsui Shopping Park’s ofcial online shopping site “&mall”, the “EC Automation Logistics Center” introduced automated systems within the MFLP FUNABASHI III facility. Soon the facility began utilizing these systems in its own operations. Future plans include proposing the joint use of this automated logistics center to other e-commerce businesses. Through this initiative, MFLP is evolving into a rental logistics storage asset with even higher added value.

Green Energy Logistics Center (trademark registered)

  • MFLP Ebina I (completed in September 2022) is a ZEB-certified environmentally conscious logistics facility which aims to effectively eliminate CO2 emissions for the entire facility by supplying 100% renewable energy in line with actual energy usage.
    It will meet the needs of tenants to respond to the RE100 initiative and ESG issues through an energy supply structure that uses a green energy supply service to ensure 100% of electricity consumed in the facility is from renewable sources.

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