Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

- The spirit that has been passed down to us -

The meaning of “&”
To generate new value through cooperation, coexistence and co-creation,
we forge ahead, innovating.

- The MISSION that we wish to fulfill -

With nature, sharing the future
With creativity, sharing the brilliance
With people, sharing the inspiration

Corporate Message
- The message summarizes our management philosophy and indicates the direction in which the Group is moving -

Transforming the city
Transforming the future

What We Believe

What Mitsui Fudosan Group creates
cannot be measured.
For instance, moments when people
with diverse views meet and mingle,
inspiring visions for a better world.
Or the moments when,
in the course of an ordinary day,
our hearts beat a little faster.
We provide opportunities and communities
for people to co-exist.
Buildings and city centers
take their shape from there.
Since our founding, we have been pathfinders,
inspired by our enterprising nature and human-centric ideas.
Deploying our credo, dream, vision, reality,
that we embrace to the fullest with unrivaled passion,
we will remain the “&” that connects people, nature and industry,
towards a bright future.

The Mitsui Fudosan Group