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Mitsui Fudosan's Solution Partner Division

We aim to be the best partner, thinking together with each individual customer and moving forward together for the optimal solution.

Creating New Destinations

In this era of rapid socio-economic changes, real estate-related challenges and demands are growing in diversity and complexity. We are utilizing the comprehensive capabilities and accumulated expertise of the Mitsui Fudosan Group to provide optimal solutions for customers’ diverse challenges and needs and to expand into new business areas.

Solutions for Businesses

Strategic Advisory Services for Corporate Customers

The Mitsui Fudosan Group offers solutions for CRE (corporate real estate).

corporate real estate

Example Solution

Conclusion of a basic agreement concerning collaboration in neighborhood creation and reorganization of operational bases utilizing the power of soccer

  • Example Solution

    We have concluded a basic agreement concerning collaboration in neighborhood creation and the reorganization of operational bases with the Japan Football Association (JFA) with the aim of collaborating on neighborhood creation that utilizes the Mitsui Fudosan Group's sports entertainment capabilities and reorganizing operational bases that will carry on the history and traditions of the JFA, which boasts over 100 years of history, and contribute to its development over the next 100 years.
    We will join forces in a way that will reorganize JFA operational bases and make effective use of its real estate assets.

Solutions for Individuals

”: our asset management advisory service for individual customers.

Consultants from Mitsui Fudosan Let's Asset Management Division provide a free consulting service that listens to customers' real estate concerns and proposes optimal solutions. We coordinate Group companies and a network of specialists to provide solutions to a wide range of issues, including land use, inheritance, and handling aging properties.

Solutions for Individuals
Solutions for Individuals

Airport Operation Business

We entered the airport operation business in 2019 to ensure safe and secure travel through airports, since they are the key starting and end points for people’s journey through the skies. The business started with the operation of Kumamoto Airport, and has since expanded to include seven airports in Hokkaido and Hiroshima Airport.
We will leverage the experience we have cultivated over many years of neighborhood creation to create airports that grow together with communities.

Example Solution

  • Qualified Project for Kumamoto Airport Operation

    We are advancing a rebuilding project for the Kumamoto Airport terminal building and it is scheduled to open in March 2023. We are building a gate lounge replete with shops and services where travelers can spend an enjoyable time in comfort with the aim of realizing an airport that is not just a transit point, but also a place where people can visit, meet, and gather.

  • Qualified Project for Hiroshima Airport Operation

    In July 2021, we began operating Hiroshima Airport as the representative company of a consortium. In addition to expanding the airport's network and improving access through other forms of transport, we aim to make the airport into a driver of regional revitalization for areas around the Seto Inland Sea by collaborating with regional communities over content that showcases their appeal.

    Kyushu Kumamoto International Airport Co., Ltd. Hokkaido Airports Co., Ltd. Hiroshima International Airport Co., Ltd.

Industry-Academia Collaboration

  • We are engaging in industry-academia co-creation research with universities with the aim of discovering ideas for innovation within the accumulated wisdom of the universities and then applying these to neighborhood creation and business. We are also helping universities to tackle issues facing them by diversifying revenue sources that leverage assets owned by the university and enhancing campus functions, as well as creating environments which make it easier for university-launched venture companies to realize innovation. In this way, we aim to create new industries originating from collaboration with Mitsui Fudosan.

  • Example Solution

    Industry-academia co-creation research with the University of Tokyo

    We are promoting joint research with the University of Tokyo by entering into an agreement with the university on industry-academia co-creation, the first of its kind in the urban/neighborhood creation sector, and establishing the Mitsui Fudosan UTokyo Laboratory
    Mitsui Fudosan UTokyo Laboratory will identify a vision of Tokyo in the future as the representative city of the post-digital revolution era through practical research that leverages the University of Tokyo’s knowledge and actual neighborhoods that Mitsui Fudosan has helped develop. The lab will also pursue methodologies for creating new urban values using various approaches, taking into account how society will look after the COVID-19 pandemic.

To the official Mitsui Fudosan UTokyo Laboratory website

Joint research begins with Waseda University

We have concluded a comprehensive agreement related to industry-academia collaboration with Waseda University and started advancing joint research. We aim to identify the real issues that are affecting suburban residential areas as society ages and to provide concrete solutions that in addition to proposing measures, also include actual social implementation.

Tokyo Dome

  • Tokyo Dome

    We aim to create further added value for Tokyo Dome City and generate new appeal in the neighborhood creation field centered on sports and entertainment by combining the assets and operational expertise of Tokyo Dome with Mitsui Fudosan's neighborhood creation knowledge and customer base.


Providing a new spectator experience through the biggest renovation in Tokyo Dome's history and digital transformation

  • Tokyo Dome

    We carried out the biggest renovation in Tokyo Dome's history. In addition to installing a new main video screen and ribbon screens, redesigning the entry gate and stadium concourse, and fully renovating seating areas and adding new seating to respond to diversification of the way people watch sports and entertainment, we also implemented digital transformation (DX), including making the entire facility completely cashless and introducing facial recognition technology. This large-scale renovation is the first step of efforts by TOKYO DOME CORPORATION to transform Tokyo Dome City into an even more attractive neighborhood and further upgrades and renewals will continue to be made going forward.

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