Digital Transformation

Digitalizing everything
about Mitsui Fudosan.


The Mitsui Fudosan Group will digitalize all the spaces in which it is involved, including office buildings, shopping malls, residences, logistic facilities, hotels and resorts.
We will use technology to innovate the real estate business.
And we will use digital transformation (DX) to provide new value.


DX as a Business Innovation

We have been involved in business reform and work style reform based on our long-term management policy. Furthermore, we are also advancing development of a promotional platform.


DX in All Businesses

We are simultaneously
advancing business reform
in a multitude of ways
in all of our businesses.

DX Description

Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City:
Business Reform
(Neighborhood Creation)

Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City, which aims to embody an urban model for the world's future, has set up the SMART LIFE PASS KASHIWA-NO-HA portal site to make life more convenient for residents*1 of Kashiwa-no-ha.
By agreeing to data coordination among affiliated services, users can experience a variety of services optimized for individuals in the future, including proposals for ideal activities to promote good health and how to prevent increasing severity of diseases.

*1 Those residing within a radius of two kilometers of Kashiwanoha-campus Station

Business Reform (Office Buildings)

WORK STYLING, shared offices for companies to respond to diversifying working styles, provides contact-free entry and exit control using a QR code and addresses noise and privacy with sound masking in private rooms for individuals.
WORK STYLING SOLO, which specializes in individual rooms, is expanding services using ICT, including reception with online support from a concierge.

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Renewal of the Approval and
Accounting System:
Work Style Reform

We have integrated the previously standalone approval and accounting systems and completely moved them to the cloud.
By implementing rigorous BPR (business process reengineering), transitioning to paperless and mobile procedures and eliminating seals, we have successfully achieved significant reductions in work related to order placement and receipt and accounting (35%, approx. 58,000 hours).
Furthermore, we were awarded an IT Award (Area: Management) for this initiative.

IT Awards
(Extract from the JIIT website)

IT Awards are presented by the Japan Institute of Information Technology to companies, groups, organizations or individuals recognized as having made remarkable efforts and achieved results "innovating business by using sophisticated IT" for creating business, building and promoting effective business models or enhancing productivity, etc. for Japanese industries, administrative bodies or the like.

IT Awards