Handling Personal Information

Handling Personal Information

The Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “the Company”) Group engages in various businesses, including those related to office buildings, retail facilities, hotels and resorts, housing and lifestyles and logistics, and handles customers' personal information in each of these businesses.
Please refer to the following for the Company’s Personal Information Protection Policy.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Purpose of Use

The Company and its Group companies (referring to the Company and consolidated subsidiaries as listed in the Company’s Securities Report, etc. Applies hereinafter.) will use customers’ personal information as follows to the extent necessary to achieve each purpose of use.

1. To conduct the Company’s businesses and provide products and services the Company handles

purposes listed below:

  • to acquire, own, dispose of and lease real property;
  • to manage and use real property;
  • to sell and purchase real property, to broker such sale and purchase and to appraise real property;
  • to develop, recovery and sell land for residences, industry or other purposes;
  • to construct and sell residences;
  • to dredge and reclaim harbors, rivers and others;
  • to design, perform, supervise and manage works, and to ensure completion of works;
  • to own, lease and manage hotels, restaurants, leisure facilities, distribution facilities and private retirement home;
  • to manage parking lots;
  • to manage cableway business;
  • to generate electricity and supply electricity and heat;
  • to engage in business under Fudousan-tokutei-kyoudou-jigyou-hou (Specified Joint Venture for Real Property Law);
  • to conduct affairs relating to offer of life insurance, and to act as agent relating to non-life insurance and insurance under Jidousha-songai-baishou-hoshou-hou (Automobile Liability Security Law);
  • to provide security service under Keibi-gyou-hou (Security Services Act)
  • to lend money on or without real property mortgage;
  • to invest in special purpose companies (tokutei-mokuteki-gaisha), specified purpose companies (tokubetsu-mokuteki-gaisha; companies provided in zaimushohyou-tou-no-yougo-youshiki-oyobi-sakuseihouhou-nikansuru-kisoku (Regulations concerning Terminology, Forms and Methods of Preparation of Financial Statements, etc.)) and real estate investment trusts, and to sell and purchase, broker, and manage the equity interests acquired by the investment;
  • to hold, sell and purchase, broker, and manage securities and loans;
  • to provide investment advisory services relating to real property, securities and other financial assets;
  • to grow, sell and purchase, and manage markets of, flowers, seeds and seedlings, vegetables, fruit, and others;
  • to raise dairy cattle and other livestock, and to process, store, sell and purchase products therefrom;
  • to sell clothing, convenience goods, tobacco products, stamps, postage stamps, and food and beverages;
  • sell and buy, broker, and import and export materials for civil engineering and construction and products relating to any of the foregoing;
  • to perform shitei-kyotaku-kaigo-shien-jigyou (designated home care assistance services) and lend fukushi-yougu (welfare equipment) under kaigo-hoken-hou (Long-term Care Insurance Law) ;
  • to sell kyotaku-kaigo-fukushi-yougu (home care welfare equipment); and
  • o engage in other businesses incidental or relating to any of the foregoing.

The following are given as examples of purposes of use

  • Buying, selling and leasing of real estate, agency and brokerage of that real estate and management and execution of other related businesses (including intermediary agency business for various types of insurance for real estate handled)
  • Execution of agreements and transactions with customers related to real estate
  • Management and operation of provided real estate
  • Management of member information for membership organizations operated by the Company
  • Provide members with various types of services
  • Contact via mail, email, telephone, etc. and responding to inquiries regarding transactions with customers or provision of member services
  • Security, responding to emergencies, and measures against fraud

2. To introduce products and services handled by the Company and Group companies related to apparel, food, housing, leisure and work, and provide various types of information and special offers

The following are given as examples of purposes of use

  • Providing information about various types of seminars, campaigns and events*
  • Delivery of behavior-targeted advertising using ad server providers (advertising methods that analyze information obtained such as browsing or service histories, and change delivered content based on perceived customer attributes and interests)*
  • Offering discounts when using coupons and services

* Includes analysis of transaction histories, etc. obtained by the Company and Group companies and provision of information based on perceived customer attributes, interests, etc. Provision of the above information, communications or offerings will be made by telephone, delivery of sealed postcard, email magazine, direct mail, etc.

3. For market research such as marketing activities, surveys and analyses to develop and improve products and services handled by the Company and Group companies related to apparel, food, housing, leisure and work and provide customers with better products and services

The following are given as examples of purposes of use

  • Planning new businesses, developing new products and improving existing businesses for the Company (including services provided for membership organizations)
  • Conduct questionnaires
  • Analyze consumer trends
  • Verify results of sales promotion activities, formulate sales promotion plans

4. To provide information to third parties to achieve the purposes of use in 1 through 3 above

Obtaining Personal-Related Information

The Company obtains and connects web browsing and usage histories and analysis results collected through cookies, advertising IDs (smartphone device identifiers), etc. (hereinafter "cookies, etc.") from third-party data service providers to member information, and uses it for such purposes as distributing advertising.
The Company obtains and connects web browsing and usage histories and analysis results collected through cookies, etc. from Group companies to member information, and uses it to the extent necessary for achievement of the purposes described in 1 through 3 in “Purpose of Use” above.

Provision to Third Parties

  • The Company, in addition to being based on the provisions of applicable laws and regulations, may provide member information to third parties, such as Group companies and service providers, to the extent necessary for achievement of the purposes described in 1 through 3 in “Purpose of Use” above.
  • To achieve each purpose of use, the Company may provide to third parties member information to the minimum extent, including name, address and telephone number.
  • In the event the Company provides member information to a third party, the customer's member information shall be provided with proper care for safety via paper, mail, telephone, fax, email, electronic media, or the like. If member information is provided via electronic media, such information shall be encrypted.
  • People may ask the Company to refrain from providing information to third parties. In such cases, please contact the Personal Information Desk listed below and understand that refraining from providing information may result in limited access to some or all services.

Shared Use

The Company will share customers’ personal information as follows.

(1) Items of personal information to be shared for use
The customer’s name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address, information related to transaction history, etc.

Examples of personal information for shared use

(2) Extent of shared use
Mitsui Fudosan Group companies

(3) Purpose of use among sharing users
Similar to the extent necessary for achievement of the purposes described in 1 through 3 in “Purpose of Use” above

(4) Person responsible for shared use
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. " Directors and Executive Officers " " Corporate Data "
To provide customers with services in an integrated manner as a company group, the Company shares use of personal information acquired from customers among Group companies and always strives to have the latest, most accurate information.

Measures Taken for Safety Management

The Company complies with relevant laws, regulations and guidelines, and takes necessary and appropriate measures (hereinafter, "safety management measures") as follows to prevent leaks, loss or damage of personal information handled and to otherwise safely manage personal information.

Formulation of Basic Policy
The Company has formulated a basic policy to ensure the appropriate handling of personal information.
Please click here to confirm the basic policy

Establishment of Regulations for Handling of Personal Information
The Company formulates internal regulations with stipulations regarding how personal information is handled, who is responsible and in charge, and their duties.

Systematic Safety Management Measures
Each division and department appoints an information security officer responsible for the handling of personal information and evaluating and improving safety management measures by reporting annually on the handling of personal information.
In addition, employees (including contract and dispatch employees) must comply with internal regulations relating to safety management measures, and a system is in place to report to or contact the person in charge if evidence or signs of an employee violating the law or internal regulations emerge.

Human Safety Management Measures
The Company educates and trains employees on the proper handling of personal information.

Physical and Technical Safety Management Measures
The Company manages employee access to areas where personal information is handled, and keeps devices, etc. containing personal information under lock.
In addition, access control is implemented for personal information and information systems that handle personal information, measures are taken against unauthorized software, information systems are monitored, etc.
For example, banning storage of personal information on local disks, intervals for changing authentication passwords and acquisition and analysis of operation histories

Ascertaining the External Environment
The Company uses cloud services to store some personal data from customers after ascertaining the safety management measures conducted by the cloud service provider. The installation location of the aforementioned cloud service is not specified by the Company, and those seeking to confirm this information are asked to inquire as outlined below.

For Feedback regarding the Handling of Personal Information

Please contact the following Personal Information Desk with regard to disclosure, correction or addition of content, suspension of use or erasure of provided information (hereinafter, collectively “disclosures, etc.”).

Personal Information Desk, General Administration Department, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
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*Additional time may be needed to confirm your inquiry. Your understanding is appreciated.
*We cannot respond to inquiries other than those regarding personal information.

Established: April 1, 2005
Revised: April 1, 2022