Bringing Enjoyable Times to Everyday Life

We bring enjoyable times to people's everyday lives through means such as developing retail properties that are tailored to regions and communities, creating hotels that become first choice destinations for travelers, and leveraging the power of sports in neighborhood creation.

Enjoy Shopping

We are realizing a new form of retail property that is rooted in the local community and that grows together with our customers. Under the concept of "Growing Together," we aim to provide facilities that go beyond just the sale of products by providing an enriching time. We operate a wide range of retail properties to suit local areas and communities all over Japan.

Go Shopping

Shopping centers that create neighborhoods at the heart of regional communities. Outlet malls that make shopping for brand products more accessible. Urban retail facilities that offer a range of lifestyle proposals for office workers and other customers living in city centers. We develop a diverse range of retail properties.

Shop Online

Shopping online can be as enjoyable as shopping at real stores. We are responding to great changes in consumer behavior seen in recent years by combining LaLaport and e-commerce websites to create novel services that provide new shopping value together with customers and store operators.

Stores That Come to You

The times are changing and rather than customers going to stores, stores are now finding their way to customers. We seek to give customers new, tangible experiences at home, at work, and in familiar spaces. We offer encounters with appealing stores that fit with new lifestyles by delivering products and services within easy reach.

Enjoy Travel

We aim to offer spaces and services that are tailored to each individual customer. The Mitsui Fudosan Group is working to create hotels and resorts that become first-choice destinations for our customers. We provide customers with the perfect time and space through destinations that evoke an atmosphere which captures the unique culture and history of the local area together with heartfelt hospitality that caters to individual needs.

Luxury Hotels

We operate world-beating luxury hotels. Our luxury hotel business includes a first-class hotel that is the flagship of the Mitsui Fudosan Group and projects developed in partnership with global luxury brands. Spend a special time in elegant spaces, enjoying hospitality that only luxury hotels can provide.

Enjoy Sports and Entertainment

Activities such as playing, watching, and supporting sports not only ensure the physical and mental health of people in their everyday life, work, and leisure time, they also rejuvenate communities by creating connections. We think that the appeal of sport is an important factor in neighborhood creation so we are working to create neighborhoods that harness the power of sport.