Office Building Division

Mitsui Fudosan's Office Building Division

Mitsui Office is pioneering workstyle and workplace diversity so that anyone can work in a way that expresses their individuality. We provides spaces that are not just for work, but where people can gather and explore new lifestyles through a variety of activities both on and off the clock.


Under the slogan of "COLORFUL WORK PROJECT," Mitsui Office offers a variety of options that enable people to work freely and flexibly in a way that fits their individuality and lifestyle.
For example, we operate WORKSTYLING multi-site shared offices for corporate clients at around 140 locations all over Japan. These provide office space that facilitates a variety of workstyles free from time and space limitations, including for people who are on the go and want to do some work without having to return to the office, people who want to work closer to home, and people looking for a place to work while on business trips.
We support realization of new working styles from both tangible and intangible elements in such ways as “&BIZ fitness,” gyms inside buildings where people can use their spare time to refresh themselves and reset their mood, “&BZ lounge,” workspaces equipped with devices to provide a break in between tasks, and “&well,” a comprehensive platform providing one-stop support for companies trying to implement health and productivity management, as well as through events to liven up communication, seminars to help workers balance work with personal commitments such as child raising and nursing care.


As a business division committed to supporting the balancing of work and personal life, we aim to become a close partner that can solve the management issues facing companies by providing both physical workplaces, such as site-based offices and shared offices for corporate clients, as well as a variety of services focused on the human side of work.

Safety and Security Initiatives

Our Group management incorporates efforts to realize safe, secure, and disaster-resilient neighborhood creation, from development through to management and operation

Best-mix workplace proposals

We combine site-based offices and shared offices for corporate clients to propose the optimal mix of workplaces for each company

Solutions to company
management issues

We provide a variety of solutions that address the management issues facing companies, including workstyle reform, health and productivity management, and the utilization of green energy

We propose an optimal mix that fits workstyles at each company.

Site-based offices


    Mitsui Offices bring new value as places that connect workers, companies, and the local community. They are currently used by approximately 3,000 corporate tenants.

WORKSTYLING shared offices for corporate clients


    A nationwide network of about 140 bases. Based on a purpose of offering working styles to make all workers happy, they provide not only a place to work, but a variety of services.

A wide range of services that understand management issues

Safety and Security Initiatives

  • Safety and Security

    Safety and Security

    We have established a comprehensive crisis management framework centered around a permanently staffed crisis management center. Initiatives include thorough drills on a daily basis and the establishment of systems for taking care of people who are unable to return home in a disaster.

  • 31 Bousai  31 Disaster Preparation

    &BIZ disaster control

    A service aimed at employees of tenant companies, providing content such as videos that raise the disaster preparation awareness of each individual worker and disaster response manuals. It aims to improve the ability of all occupants of a building to help themselves and others in the event of a disaster by providing them with practical disaster preparation knowledge.

  • Mitsui Fudosan Technical Academy

    Mitsui Fudosan Technical Academy

    A training facility for Group employees opened in July 2020 to teach and improve technical building management skills and to raise ability to act in emergency situations. It is strengthening capabilities on the ground through around 30 different programs that sharpen employees' awareness and skills.

Group Companies

  • Nippon Building Fund Management Ltd.

    • Real estate investment trust and asset management