Initiative to Realize
Decarbonized Society

In recent years, natural disasters have
become more severe and more common,
and climate change is occurring
on a global scale.
The Paris Agreement, an international
framework for action against climate change,
has accelerated international movement,
and it has become increasingly important
for companies
to contribute to the sustainable
growth of society through their business.
Based on the philosophy
of the Mitsui Fudosan "" logo,
our Group has achieved corporate growth
by enriching people's lives
and constantly creating new value through
the creation of neighborhoods
that meets the needs of the era
and coexists with society in harmony.
Under our "" principle,
we have also been proactively addressing
climate change for some time.
In December 2020, our Group's greenhouse gas
emission reduction targets for FY2030 and
FY2050 were announced.
In the following year 2021, we raised
the reduction target for FY2030 even higher,
and formulated Action Plans as comprehensive
and specific strategies to achieve the targets.