The Mitsui Fudosan Group, hereby announces that it has formulated the new Group long-term vision, & INNOVATION 2030.

1. About the Group’s New Long-Term Vision,

& INNOVATION 2030 codifies our vision as a group “to contribute to the creation of added value for society as an industry developer.” “Creating social value” leads to differentiation and competitiveness, which in turn helps “create economic value.”

The economic value created then helps create even greater social value.

Based on this understanding, we will promote the creation of both “social value” and “economic value” to achieve our goals.

Our VISION aims to bring the Group’s DREAM for 2030 to a REALITY by conceptualizing specific strategies while turning these two wheels of a cart.

2. The structure of our long-term vision

  • We will work to achieve our vision, namely to “contribute to the creation of added value for society as an industry developer.”
  • We will achieve growth by following the three business strategy paths of promoting further core business growth, expanding into new asset classes, and exploring new business domains.
  • We will manage with an equal focus on the three key objectives: enhance growth, efficiency and shareholder returns as our financial strategy.
  • Human resources, DX, and ESG form the infrastructure that supports each of these strategies.

3. Vision

Quantitative Targets: Around FY2030

Growth Indicator EPS*1 growth rate + 8% or higher*2
Efficiency Indicator ROE 10% or higher

*1: Earnings Per Share
*2: FY2023 (forecast) - FY2030 (forecast) CAGR

Quantitative Targets: FY2026

Growth Indicator EPS growth rate + 8% or higher*3
Efficiency Indicator ROE 8.5% or higher
ROA 5% or higher*4
Shareholder Returns

Total payout return ratio : 50% or higher each period

Dividend payout ratio : Around 35% each period

Stable dividend increases linked to sustainable profit growth (continuous and progressive dividends)

Flexible and continuous repurchase of own shares

*3: FY2023 (forecast) - FY2026 (forecast) CAGR
*4: Business income / Average total assets over period

Please refer to the following PDF file for more details about our long-term vision, & INNOVATION 2030.