Innovation Promoting Division

Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City

Environment, energy, food, health—humankind has many problems it must overcome, and Japan is facing them a step ahead of the world. It is with this sense of mission that Kashiwa-no-ha is building a stage for solutions, with open platforms available to all based on partnerships between the public, private and academic sectors. Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City is making the global future a reality.

Life Science

As part of our new industry creation efforts, we are building an ecosystem that leverages the mutual knowledge, technology, and capital of start-ups, universities, hospitals, major pharmaceutical companies, and other stakeholders in the life science domain to advance research and development that transcends industry boundaries.

Community Building

  • Life Science Innovation Network Japan

    LINK-J is a platform for people and information to interact for those working in the life science field. This is a project of interaction and cooperation, where people congregate and connect, and of foster and support, where people grow and broaden, providing a variety of opportunities while aiming for the creation of a hitherto unseen new life science industry.

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Developing Sites

Mitsui Fudosan provides various spaces that can be used as places for interactions, including the Nihonbashi Life Science Building, where there are numerous life science-related players, meeting rooms and offices. Moreover, the Company has developed shared wet labs and has been commissioned to operate part of the University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Lab, advancing development of sites to create innovation./p>

Life Science assets

Life Science Building

Nihonbashi Life Science Building series

Mitsui Fudosan established a life science base in Nihonbashi; set up venture offices, service offices, conference rooms, lounges and shared wet labs; and gathered players from the life science domain, centering on venture companies.

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Commissioned to Operate Part of the University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Lab

Mitsui Fudosan is utilizing the expertise it has acquired through the Life Science Innovation Promotion Project to support building university ecosystems and is also collaborating with universities, as well as with Nihonbashi.

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Rental Lab & Office (Mitsui Lab & Office)


A rental business that combines full-scale wet labs with offices needed to create innovation in the life science domain. By collaborating with LINK-J to provide both tangibles and intangibles, Mitsui Fudosan aims to create innovation by contributing to the resolution of R&D environment issues in Japan’s life science domain.

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Providing Capital

Mitsui Fudosan makes limited partner investments in investment funds targeting companies in the life science field.
Providing support depending on the stage of progress and brokering enables more sophisticated technological seeds to materialize and further accelerates promoting new industry creation.

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Venture Co-creation

We work to strengthen the Mitsui Fudosan Group's existing businesses and develop new businesses through activities centered on 31VENTURES, which aims to co-create with start-up companies through the three solutions of corporate venture capital (CVC), workspaces, and community, and BASE Q, which supports new business development by large companies.




    31VENTURES can assist in procuring CVC funding to facilitate the rapid growth of venture businesses. It also raises funding through direct investment and external venture capital.



    It is developing startup workspace THE E.A.S.T. which provides work spaces for start-up companies on the east side of Tokyo with a focus on Nihonbashi.



    It is building communities that bring together diverse perspectives and attributes to support the creation of opportunities for encountering new knowledge and to develop synergies.

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  • An Open Innovation Creation Hub


    BASE Q is an open innovation creation hub where people aiming to generate new value and address social issues can gather, including start-ups, NPOs, new business development personnel from major corporations, creators, and others. It provides spaces that cater to a variety of needs, such as the Q LOUNGE community space, the Q HALL event space with a capacity of up to 450 people, Q KITCHEN, and Q STUDIO.

  • Innovation Building Program


    For major corporations, intrapreneurs (inhouse personnel specializing in innovation) play an important role in creating innovation. The Innovation Building Program focuses on vision, diversity, and commitment as the essential traits of talented intrapreneurs, and provides content to help develop these traits.

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Industry-Academia Collaboration

Through joint research, one of its activities aimed at promoting industry-academia collaboration, Mitsui Fudosan adds cutting-edge knowledge and technology from academia to its cumulative experience and expertise in neighborhood creation, working toward the social implementation of the results generated by that collaboration and the realization of innovation in the real estate industry.
Following are some examples of the joint research currently underway with academia.

  • Examples of joint research with academia

    Joint Research with the University of Tokyo: Toward Realization of Autonomous Drone Flight in Indoor Environments

    In 2020, Mitsui Fudosan launched the Mitsui Fudosan UTokyo Laboratory, a center for industry-academia co-creation with the University of Tokyo, and to date has advanced a number of joint research projects. In one example of that research, we are conducting empirical studies on in-building logistics using autonomous drone flight in non-GNSS environments," backed by proprietary mathematical models, working together with experts from the departments of Mathematical Modeling Systems and Aeronautical Engineering. A variety of experiments will be conducted in an effort to develop an optimal model for in-building logistics, using MFLP・LOGIFRONT Tokyo-Ishibashi as a research field.

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    Joint Research with Tohoku University: Envisioning a Next-generation Society in Which Humans and Robots Co-exist

    Wearable devices and other robotic devices have become an increasingly familiar presence in recent years, and it is believed that by 2050, a society will emerge in which robots can be used by anyone, anytime and anywhere. In anticipation of this next-generation society in which humans and robots interact and co-exist, Mitsui Fudosan, working with Tohoku University, has been conducting research into how humans and robots might co-exist in the office. By taking full advantage of its knowledge and technologies related to state-of-the-art AI robotics and different types of sensor, Mitsui Fudosan will work to build robotic systems equipped with interactive functions that contribute to people's physical and mental health. In doing so, we aim to maintain the health of office workers and thereby realize a highly productive office environment.

    Joint Research with Kyushu University: Taking on the Challenge of Realizing Advanced Industrial Clusters of the Future

    As efforts to reevaluate global supply chains advance in response to geopolitical risks, Japan is seeing an acceleration of strategic investment in the semiconductor industry and peripheral manufacturing industries. Against this backdrop, Mitsui Fudosan is conducting research with Kyushu University on the future of advanced industrial clusters, targeting northern Kyushu and based on the new Inclusive Wealth Index (an index that comprehensively considers human capital, produced capital and natural capital) proposed by the United Nations as an alternative to GDP.

    Joint Research with Ochanomizu University: Creating a Society that Takes Advantage of Gender Perspectives

    Recent years have seen an increase in the number of women launching their own businesses, in particular many cases of lifestyle businesses being created to address problems around daily life. Such business is expected to expand domestic demand and have a significant impact on the economy and society. Against this background, Mitsui Fudosan is advancing research on female entrepreneurship with Ochanomizu University. By reevaluating female entrepreneurship from the perspective of gender differences, this research aims to break through stereotypes about entrepreneurship, examining ways to make it easier for women to create lifestyle businesses and reflecting those findings in residential, commercial and office buildings and other facilities.

New Industry Creation

MAG!C Project Proposal System

We provide an opportunity for our employees with business ideas that allows them to start their own business utilizing the Company's resources and expertise to the maximum possible extent. Currently, there are over 10 ongoing projects with various business themes and concepts.

Project Example

Group Companies


    • Production and sale of high-quality Japanese grape cultivars at two sites in Japan and New Zealand