Office Buildings

"Mitsui Office" provides new value by reaching beyond
the boundaries of traditional concepts of office design.


Ideas and vitality are born of person-to-person encounters.
A new era of offices is emerging, driven by this dynamic energy.
We have a vision: Personnel, organizations, and communities interacting in a variety of ways, creating new bonds that multiply the potential of the office.

This vision has been the inspiration and foundation for the creation of office buildings that go beyond state-of-the-art and for the development of communities that improve with age.

Our pursuit of “sustainability and safety” “amenities and efficiency” and “expansion and innovation” aims to provide hundreds of thousands of people, working for thousands of organizations in Offices by Mitsui Fudosan, with venues where they can enjoy a variety of ways to spend time on and off the job.
This will pave the way for more rewarding lifestyles.

Progress and innovation: Developing next generation offices that realize unlimited potential.

Creating a flourishing future is our job.


Sustainability and Safety

Bringing sustainability
and safety to offices

We believe that next-generation offices should not be mere “workplaces,” but “living spaces” always promising sustainability and safety for peoples’ activities from on time through to off time.

We have installed various cutting edge technologies from the outset and built a comprehensive crisis management framework with the standing crisis management center at its core by ceaseless day-to-day training and such steps as establishing a system to accept people unable to return home. We provide each and every individual, as well as companies, with preparations when times are peaceful to be ready to respond to an emergency.

Offices should be the safest places. Offices should not be just for business, and lifestyles shouldn’t stop there. Mitsui Offices provide advanced sustainability and the greatest safety to all those who gather within them, as well as their families, companies and communities.

Amenities and Efficiency

Providing offices with amenities
and efficiency

We believe that next-generation offices should raise the intellectual productivity of working people and form the base for maximizing corporate management capabilities. Offices need to be places to be proud of, being functional and filled with gains, have a landmark aspect and realize a higher dimension to live in harmony with the environment.

We design total office environments friendly to people and the environment with functions like working, gathering, leisure, and rest organically combined with hard and soft services. We raise the motivation for working people and support corporate growth by making working environments pleasant and efficient.

Offices should be comfortable and creative places. We want offices to enhance the capabilities of people who work there and their companies. Mitsui Offices maximize the possibilities and creativity of the people who gather there, companies and communities.

Expansion and Innovation

Providing offices with expansion
and innovation

Next-generation offices induce diverse types of communication and we want them to be the center of corporate, human and community vitality. The vitality created in these offices can expand in various ways to all sorts of fields and create dynamism that inspires innovation.

We create opportunities for further growth and new business development using Mitsui Offices as a starting point by providing tens of thousands of people and thousands of client companies with a place for new encounters and interaction and business matching from on time to off time. Moreover, we are moving forward on creating neighborhoods full of bustle as places for new lifestyles to become hubs for people, goods, money and information.

Offices should be places for creating new business and vitality. Offices should be places connecting businesses, human resources and society’s growth. Mitsui Offices spread encounters among companies, people and communities that gather there, as well as bring about innovation for a new age.


WORK STYLING: Our New Service to Expand Workstyle Freedom for Corporate Clients

Since 2017, the WORK STYLING service has been offering multi-site shared offices to free corporate clients time and location restrictions and innovate styles of working. Offering a nationwide network of loations and a wide range of services, WORK STYLING is ready to support every imaginable business scenario facing today's corporations and business persons. This service provides a place for new styles of working.


Multi-site shared satellite offices spread across the country that can be used in 10-minute increments by corporate clients.



Service offices for corporate clients that can be used for various purposes at a rate of one seat per month.



Private satellite offices to develop mainly in the suburbs of Tokyo for corporate clients.


WORK STYLING Official site is here


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