Hotels and Resorts

We provide an appropriate space for
each of our customers.


"Destinations" the Mitsui Fudosan Group envisions are
endpoints selected by customers and are the hotels and resorts
we aim to attain.
Heartfelt hospitality meeting the needs of each and every
An appearance providing a sense of culture and history
that can only be found in that particular city or region.
Value creation capabilities that the Mitsui Fudosan Group has
We take pride in shaping time and spaces worthy of being called
Mitsui Fudosan's hotels and resorts have
decided on "Creating New Destinations" with the future in mind.


Mitsui Garden Hotels,
hotels to remember.

Interiors that resonate with your tastes and sensibilities and facilities with functions that exceed expectations, all wrapped in an
ambience of casual hospitalty. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, or a visiting from somewhere in Japan or overseas,
Mitsui Garden Hotels promise a memorable stay.

where the hotel stay is the destination.

In selected locations offering incomparable tourism experiences and historical and cultural assets that define the commuity, THE CELESTINE HOTELS welcomes guests with private space that embodies "omotenashi" – Japan's unique approach to hospitality, promises comfort that invites guests to relax as if the hotel were their second home, and provides the irresistible experience of accommodations and services that capture essence of the locale.

Main Projects


Our invitation to experience resort life
bursting with the signature natural beauty,
color and character of each locale.

A vacation resort featuring a diversity of delicious cuisine, heartwarming service and wide selection of fun activities, golf courses existing in perfect harmony with nature, and a resort home development offering a chance to own a resort residence nestled in natural beauty - this is a project designed to answer the leisure needs of our customers. When completed, 4 hotels, extensive resort facilities and 6 golf courses will welcome vistors to an unforgettable experience.


Main Projects


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