Business Innovation

Creating a new business model
that goes beyond the boundaries
of the conventional real estate business


Our work and living styles are diversifying and lifestyles are changing rapidly. We constantly adapt our business model to changes in society, and aim to create new value that is a cross between the digital and real estate assets. We are engaging ourselves to promote wide-reaching innovation with initiatives placing faith in employees' perspectives and leveraging individual power.
In combination, we are creating diverse organizations by defining strategic domains, recruiting and developing human resources suitable for these domains and diving deeply into accelerating business to promote innovation throughout the entire Mitsui Fudosan Group.


Initiatives for Strategic Themes

By moving beyond the boundaries of real estate to cross over into the digital, we are creating diverse organizations in collaboration with external partners, and developing new businesses in the strategic domains of "work", "live" and "enjoy" to create new innovation.

MAG!C Project Proposal System

We provide an opportunity for our employees with business ideas that allows them to start their own business utilizing the Company's resources and expertise to the maximum possible extent. Currently, there are over 10 ongoing projects with various business themes and concepts.

Project Example


In Japan and New Zealand, which have completely opposite seasons, we produce high quality table grapes and sell them around the world throughout a year. We are working to resolve social issues in the agricultural field through technological transfer and innovative production technologies and training human resources.

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Establishing Business Development Bases


We established WARP STUDIO in the Yaesu district of Tokyo's Chuo-ku as an in-house business development base under the concept of accelerating creativity away from the head office. Multiple new projects composed of different teams are moving ahead including projects created from the MAG!C project proposal system, Mitsui Fudosan Group companies and projects combined with alliance companies.