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Completion of Construction of Yokohama Mitsui Building

February 7, 2012
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. has announced that it will complete the construction of the Yokohama Mitsui Building at the end of February 2012. The building has been under development in Takashima 1-chome, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa (Minato Mirai 21, Block 67).

Developed based on the concept of “From Yokohama to the World,” the property is a multifunctional building consisting of office, retail, cultural exchange and other facilities. The building has 30 floors above ground and 2 floors below ground. Leased office space will occupy the 5th to 30th floors, while retail facilities will be located on the 1st floor. The 2nd floor will house the Hara Model Railway Museum, which will open in summer 2012 as a cultural exchange facility.

In regard to the office space, Hitachi, Ltd. will concentrate its Yokohama-area group companies in the building's offices. In addition, the building will host the Head Office of FUJITSU NETWORK SOLUTIONS LIMITED, among other companies. Two facilities devoted to the creation of new industries are to occupy the 15th floor, namely the Yokohama Global Station (tentative name) of DEFTA Partners, and the Center for Future Medical Social Infrastructure Based on Information Communications Technology (MICT) of Yokohama National University. The goal is to make this property Yokohama's central focus for the creation of new industries and dissemination of related information.

The building will be tenanted by a wide array of retail facilities, including Japanese restaurants and cafes for the enjoyment of visitors and office workers, and convenience stores. The building will also host an Information Center for the city of Yokohama.

In regard to safety and security measures, besides adopting a steel wall and vibration damping equipment, Mitsui Fudosan has introduced a “damage assessment system” that promptly verifies the safety of the building after an earthquake. Furthermore, the building is designed to secure lifelines in a disaster and ensure business continuity in terms of both infrastructure and systems. For example, the building is fitted with a 72-hour emergency power generator, and emergency supplies have been stockpiled including provisions for any visitors that may be in the building.

In regard to environmental measures, the building has achieved the highest ranking of S under the Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environmental Efficiency (CASBEE) Yokohama, which is a system for comprehensively assessing a building's environmental quality and performance. In addition, Mitsui Fudosan will participate in the “Yokohama Smart City Project,” a demonstration project for next-generation energy and social systems selected by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). As part of this project, Mitsui Fudosan plans to implement a demonstration project concerning “demand response” control of electricity supply and demand in an office building - the first project of its kind in Japan. The project will be conducted from fall 2012 to fiscal 2014.

Exterior view of Yokohama Mitsui Building

1F Open Mall

Main Features of the Yokohama Mitsui Building

  • Reflecting its location on the doorstep to the Yokohama Minato Mirai area, the building has been designed on the motif of a sailboat catching the wind and sailing into the future.
  • The main lobby for offices, fitted with a general reception and security gate, is located on the third floor.
  • The standard office consists of about 1,852 m2 of column-free space. The common-use corridor measures a spacious 2,000 mm wide, with two women's toilets located on the west and east sides of each floor. The entire building features a barrier-free design.
  • The Hara Model Railway Museum is scheduled to open in summer 2012 on the second floor of the building's lower levels overlooking the Katabira River. With the cooperation of world-famous model railway creator and collector Nobutaro Hara, the museum will display authentic model railways using steel rails and wheels and other components made from the same materials as actual trains.

Exterior view of Yokohama Mitsui Building

Exterior view of lower levels (perspective drawing)

Office floor

3rd Floor Main lobby for offices

2nd Floor Hara Model Railway Museum
“Ichiban Tetsumo Park” Diorama (perspective drawing)

The building employs steel wall construction and vibration damping equipment as key structural elements. It also has a “damage assessment system” that promptly verifies the safety of the building after an earthquake.

Schematic diagram of anti-seismic performance

Damage Assessment System
Screenshot examples
* The system functioned effectively during the Great East Japan Earthquake (implemented at all 20 buildings where it was adopted).

Besides physical infrastructure such as a 72-hour emergency power generator, the building also provides systems support for securing lifelines and supporting business continuity. For example, emergency supplies have been stockpiled, including provisions for visitors to the building's stores and the Hara Model Railway Museum.

Emergency power generator

Fuel tank (partial view)

Ensure 10 VA/m2 of power to enable use of PCs, telephones, printers and others devices to a certain extent.

Enables supply of water for sundry uses from the water storage tank, even when water service is cut off. All toilets in the building will remain usable.

Ensure a 3-day (planned) supply of drinking water, food and other provisions for building tenants and visitors.

In regard to environmental measures, the building has already obtained the highest ranking of S under the CASBEE Yokohama system, which is an environmental quality and performance evaluation system for buildings. This has been achieved by adopting features such as high-performance Low-E glass, solar panels, and quick charging stations for electric vehicles.

Mitsui Fudosan is participating in the “Yokohama Smart City Project.” As part of the project, from fall 2012 to fiscal 2014, Mitsui Fudosan plans to implement a demonstration project concerning “demand response” control of electricity supply and demand in an office building - the first project of its kind in Japan. The project will entail connecting Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and Community Energy Management Systems (CEMS).

Yokohama Smart City Project (Conceptual Diagram)

Yokohama Smart City Project (Demo screen top: CEMS; bottom: BEMS)

Through the operation and management of Yokohama Mitsui Building, Mitsui Fudosan seeks to continue to provide spaces that bring enrichment and fulfillment to the local area, while contributing to the advancement of the community.

&EARTH expresses the Group policy that all its activities should always be in harmony with the Earth. This policy is based on the Mitsui corporate philosophy of coexisting in harmony with society, symbolized by the Mitsui Fudosan Group logo. The Mitsui Fudosan Residential Group is united in a commitment to work together with customers to create new towns that will lead to a happier and more prosperous future.

The (&) logo represents an inclusive approach toward harmonious coexistence that transcends conflicting ideals in the process of creating new value. This contrasts with the notion of "or," in which society must often choose between perceived opposing perspectives, such as "civilization or nature," "economy or culture," "work or study." The logo was adopted in April 1991.

Property Overview

Location 1-2 Takashima 1-chome, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture (Displayed Address)
Access JR Yokohama Station (5 minutes on foot)
Minato Mirai Line Shin Takashima Station (2 minutes on foot)
Developer Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
Structure Steel structure, and reinforced concrete and steel-framed reinforced concrete below groundS
No. of floors 30 floors above ground, 2 floors below ground, and 3 penthouse floors; Height: 152.20 m
Building uses Leased offices (5th-30th floors), retail (1st floor), cultural exchange facility (2nd floor), parking lot (1st floor below ground)
Site area 7,798.99 m2
Gross floor area 90,573.57 m2

Details on Stores

Name of Store Name of Company Description of Store
Kaisen Chaya Senzan Honten Restaurant
Senzan Co., Ltd. This restaurant serves fishermen's dishes and sushi prepared from fresh seafood, primarily sourced from local fishing ports such as Sajima and Kanazawa.
The restaurant has a large tank that customers can see as they enter the restaurant.
Customers can watch live squid and other marine life in the tank, as they are shown to their seats by restaurant staff wearing kimono, giving the restaurant a relaxed Japanese atmosphere.
Café & Dining Malibu
Senzan Co., Ltd. The lunch menu at Café & Dining Malibu centers on a health-conscious set lunch and a 100% ground-beef hamburger.
In the afternoon, guests can relax at the restaurant and enjoy original desserts.
Dinner is prepared from an abundance of fresh local ingredients. Chefs trained in Italy set their skills to work to provide the finest hospitality. * First restaurant to open in Yokohama.
Café & Bar PRONTO
Yokohama Shintoshi Service Inc. Based on the concept of an Italian bar, PRONTO provides many different ways of enjoyment as a café in the daytime and a bar at night.
In the morning, Café & Bar PRONTO serves customers aroma-rich coffee with pastries before they begin work. Pasta is served at lunch. In the afternoon, the restaurant hosts tea time with sweets. At night, customers can enjoy PRONTO as a bar serving an extensive range of alcoholic beverages at a reasonable price, along with snacks.
The restaurant provides a space for superb dining and relaxation throughout the day.
FamilyMart Co., Ltd. In addition to offering convenience, FamilyMart strives to provide people with relaxing, enjoyable moments.
FamilyMart welcomes every customer as a valuable guest, aiming to be a store that is closest to customers' hearts and essential to their lives, where people can drop in and find satisfaction in a friendly, family-like atmosphere.
Yokohama Information Center (Tentative Name)
Yokohama City The Yokohama Information Center will disseminate tourism information and promote Yokohama's attractiveness via tablet devices, digital signage and other means. A registration desk for the bicycle sharing service Bay Bike will also be set up next to the center.

* In addition to the tenants above, there are plans for a model railway store and other establishments to occupy the building. Tenanted areas are scheduled to be fully occupied.