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49 Stores to Be Added to Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kita-Hiroshima
Opening of Expanded Outlet Mall at 10 am on Friday, April 18
Will Be the Largest Outlet Mall in Hokkaido/Tohoku With 174 Stores
Popular Brands From Japan and Abroad; New Services to Be Available for Foreign Tourists and Visitors

January 21, 2014
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. today announced that it will hold the opening of the new Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kita-Hiroshima, located in Kita-Hiroshima City, Hokkaido, which will have been expanded through the completion of the second-stage expansion plan, at 10 am on Friday, April 18, 2014. The new mall created by the second-stage expansion will be named “Maple Mall,” and this mall will house 45 new stores, including Hokkaido’s first American Eagle Outfitters store, a Gap Outlet store and a Nike Factory Store.
Furthermore, the original first-stage development of the Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kita-Hiroshima will be named “Clover Mall,” and 4 new stores will be added. As a result, this outlet mall will be the largest in the Hokkaido/Tohoku area with 174 stores. The mall will enable many customers from Japan and overseas to enjoy an experience unlike any other in their daily lives.

Image of exterior view of Maple Mall (Hitsujigaoka Dori road side)

Image of exterior view of Maple Mall (Kita-Hiroshima Interchange side)

Image of interior of Maple Mall

Out of the 49 new stores to be added, 35 outlet stores will be seen in Hokkaido for the first time (including 3 outlet stores making their first appearance in Japan)

After opening, the new expanded mall is expected to attract 5 million visitors in its first year of operation, including tourists from overseas, becoming the leading outlet mall in the Hokkaido/Tohoku area

  • Since the original opening in 2010, foreign tourists especially from Taiwan and China have been increasing. (Tourist buses have resulted in there being about 3 1/2 times more foreign tourists in 2013 than in the first year of operation.) Recently, foreign tourists from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia have also been increasing.

Latest services are available to enable overseas visitors to spend time comfortably, including family members of all ages

  • This facility is an indoor (enclosed) mall with the parking lot also partially covered, so visitors can enjoy shopping in any season and whatever the weather is like.
  • A kids’ space is provided so that customers bringing their children can enjoy shopping comfortably.
  • Space has been made available in the food court to accommodate tourist groups.
  • Both “Clover Mall” and “Maple Mall” offer Wi-Fi that enables visitors to use the Internet on their devices free of charge.
  • A prayer room is available for customers that feel the need to pray during their shopping activities.
  • Mall staff that can speak foreign languages wear easily identifiable badges showing the language services they can offer.

New stores list

New stores list(PDF:203KB)