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A new luxury hotel has arrived in the heart of the Ginza area, the first Millennium brand hotel in Japan!
Promoting the Ginza brand with special care to Japanese style harmony for the sake of visiting foreigners, and concept rooms featuring pearl and gold leaf.
“Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo”
Grand Opening: December 17th, 2014 (Wednesday)

December 15th, 2014
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. (location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo/CEO: Masanobu Komoda) and Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management Co., Ltd. (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo/CEO: Mitsuru Adachi) will open the new Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo (5-chome, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) on December 17th (Wed). This hotel is a collaboration between Millennium & Copthorne Hotels, which has locations in 24 different countries worldwide, and Japan’s Mitsui Garden Hotels. The new hotel is the first for this Millennium brand in Japan.

Centrally located within the Ginza area, which is well known for its concentration of luxury brands, it will be a step above other luxury hotels in the area. This hotel will provide a Japanese style space to visitors from all walks of life who come to Ginza seeking the ultimate in luxury. The exterior design references weaving, with overlaid structures passing under and over each other, and the interior is a private space laid out in an Asian minimalist style. It also features two special concept rooms: a “Pearl Room” designed with MIKIMOTO COSMETICS GINZA, and a “HAKUZA Gold Leaf Room” designed with HAKUZA NIHONBASHI. Through collaborations with distinguished Japanese brands and facilities well-versed in traditional techniques, the hotel will show the world what Cool Japan is all about.

Perfect Location in the Center of Ginza, Overlooking the Kabukiza Theatre

In Ginza, the streets are lined with the latest luxury brand shops, all competing through their designs. This area is a meeting spot for futuristic and traditional Japanese styles, and is the most vibrant in all of Tokyo. With the perfect location in the center of all this hustle and bustle at the Ginza 4-chome crossing, some of the rooms even have a view of the nearby the Kabukiza Theatre, which represents Japanese culture in Ginza. This is the kind of view you only find in a place like Ginza, where Japanese tradition and the latest in western culture coexist. One of the Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo’s distinct features is easy access to famous department stores, the Kabukiza Theatre, and other nearby areas. The convenience is unbeatable.

Features of the Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo

♦ Relationship Between Singapore’s Hong Leong Group and the Mitsui Fudosan Group

Singapore’s Hong Leong Group is the managing group for Millennium & Copthorne Hotels, which has 130 locations in 24 countries worldwide. In 1972, the Mitsui Fudosan Group and the Hong Leong Group started a joint venture, TID Pte. Ltd., and this company has been actively engaged in residential real estate sales and hotel projects in Singapore for over 40 years.

Decade Major Projects
1970 Investment alliance through TID (’72),
participated in the Tripartite project (’72), etc.
1980 Participated in the Tanglin project (’80),
participated in the Changi project (’83), etc.
1990 Participated in the Sims Lane project (’96),
participated in the Trevose project (’96), etc.
2000 Participated in the Sentosa project (’05),
completion of the entire building of St. Regis (’08), etc.
2010 Participated in the Canberra Drive project (’14),
the Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo opening (’14)

♦ The Millennium Brand Has Hotels in 24 Countries Worldwide, But This is the First in Japan!

The opening of the Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo marks the first entry of the Millennium brand into the Japanese market, as well as the first collaboration between Millennium and Mitsui, and a new level in hotel quality. The building and land for this hotel are owned by the Hong Leong Group, with the Mitsui Fudosan Group renting the property, and handling the business side of the Millennium x Mitsui Garden Hotels cooperative brand venture.

♦ The Exterior Features an Interwoven Design, Symbolizing the Japanese Style of Weaving

The exterior design, the face of the Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo, symbolizes the interweaving of Ginza’s history, present, and future. Mr. Masahide Ishikawa, a Japanese designer who also worked on projects like the Kojun Building and the Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei, planned the hotel’s exterior as a modern representation of the “IKI (esprit)” of Edo sophistication in Ginza.

♦ Modern and Innovative Interior Design by Asian Artists

All of the building’s interior, including the guest rooms, were handled by CL3, a Hong Kong based designer working in innovative exterior and interior design projects worldwide. The result is a modern interior with a sense of Edo “IKI (esprit)” sophistication.
The lobby is decorated with art by Mr. Jotaro Saito, and up-and-coming kimono designer. The art features 2 moons and the flowers of changing seasons, which represent “changes and the flow of time” as well as “the entrance of differing cultures and civilizations, and the resulting mixture.”

♦ Concept Rooms Designed in Collaboration with Famous Ginza and Nihonbashi Businesses
·First MIKIMOTO COSMETICS concept room “Pearl Room” in Ginza!

Kokichi Mikimoto, who succeeded in farming pearls in Ojima Island (now the Mikimoto Pearl Island) in Toba City of Mie Prefecture for the first time in the world in 1893, opened Japan’s first pearl specialty store in Ginza in 1899. “Toba Hotel International” in Ise-Shima, which is operated by our group, has been offering the concept room “Pearl Sweet,” in which guests can enjoy the blessings of Mikimoto pearls, since January of 2014. And we are introducing this as the MIKIMOTO COSMETICS concept room “Pearl Room” in Ginza, Tokyo, for the first time.

“ Pearl Room ”

[Characteristics of the “Pearl Room” plan]

  1. Stay in Ginza’s first MIKIMOTO COSMETICS concept room “Pearl Room”
    The sophisticated room, which is arranged with lighting and objects with the image of pearls, comes with a clock, ballpoint pens, amenities with real pearls, special bathrobes, towels, etc.
  2. Guests can freely try the high-quality cosmetics set by MIKIMOTO COSMETICS, which is placed in the room
    The room comes with high-quality basic cosmetics by MIKIMOTO COSMETICS, which contain the great beauty effects of pearl protein “conchiolin.” Guests can try the products as much as they please during the stay.
  3. Guests can enjoy the special bath salt, which is made with pearl essence, in the room
    Guests can enjoy the bath salt unique to “Toba Hotel International,” which is developed by MIKIMOTO COSMETICS using pearl-derived beauty components extravagantly, in the bathroom of the room. Pearl moisture ingredients (pearl conchiolin (moisturizing ingredient) and pure pearl mineral (skin conditioning ingredient)) achieve moist and smooth pearl-like skin.
  4. MIKIMOTO COSMETIC Special gift is offered
    We offer 1 set of MIKIMOTO COSMETICS as a special gift per night.

    Special gift “Moon Pearl Trial Set: 3 items” (with a clutch pouch)
  5. MIKIMOTO COSMETICS aesthetic treatment/cosmetics courtesy ticket is offered
    We offer a MIKIMOTO COSMETICS courtesy ticket that allows guests to receive a 20% discount on the list prices of aesthetic treatment/cosmetics.

MIKIMOTO COSMETICS “Pearl Room” plan (exclusive plan for 1 room per day)summary

Period Reservation starts on November 26 (Wed), 2014
Stays available starting on December 17 (Wed), 2014
Room type Deluxe Twin Room
Fee From ¥15,950 ( (per guest)

·Enjoy the luster and fascination special to real gold leaves in the HAKUZA concept room “HAKUZA Gold Leaf Room”!

“HAKUZA” treasures the traditional technique, which Japan boasts to the world, and continues to produce “entsuke,” which refers to Kanazawa’s traditional gold leaves used to repair national treasures, important cultural properties, etc. HAKUZA is producing the concept room “HAKUZA Gold Leaf Room,” in which guests can experience a unique sense of good quality and high quality of gold leaves from the perspectives of space, beauty, and food. The space of this concept room expresses the design factor of “weave,” which is the hotel’s exterior concept, especially to women visiting from overseas who wish to learn good aspects of Japan, to fully enjoy Japan, and to experience the new Japan. The room promotes the world of gold leaves with a sense of unification with the hotel.

Left photo: “HAKUZA Gold Leaf Room” guest room image
Right photo: “HAKUZA Gold Leaf Room” stool image

  1. Stay in the “HAKUZA Gold Leaf Room” where guests can enjoy the world of high-quality gold leaves
    “Kanazawa haku (Kanazawa gold leaf)” is made in Kanazawa and its production volume makes up 99% of the overall gold leaf production volume in Japan. In the “HAKUZA Gold Leaf Room” filled with delicacy and a sense of high quality of Kanazawa haku, guests can enjoy a number of gold leaf items with attention to detail.
  2. Guests can try HAKUZA’s beauty gold leaf mask
    We offer 1 gorgeous gold leaf mask per night, which is something you would see in high-end aesthetic salons. Guests can specially experience the premium beauty gold leaf mask that covers the entire face, having a relaxing time in the room.

    Beauty gold leaf mask
  3. Guests can enjoy the gold leaf-containing luxury bath salt unique to HAKUZA in the room
    The gold leaf-containing bath salt made mainly from moisture ingredients, such as super hyaluronic acid, Japanese apricot water, and olive oil, and mineral-rich deep-water sea salt made in Noto Town, Ishikawa Prefecture can be used in the bathroom of the room. Guests can have a relaxing time thanks to hot water faintly scented with Japanese apricot that is white and soft, and that moisturizes and smoothens the skin.

    Bath salt “Hot Water of Beauty in the Higashi Chaya Teahouse District (scent of Japanese apricot)”
  4. HAKUZA Cosmetics are offered
    We offer as a special gift 1 set of HAKUZA Cosmetics, which were created using the traditional technique with careful attention to originality, to guests who spend a night with this plan (1 set per night).

    HAKUZA Cosmetics image
  5. Tea ceremony service in HAKUZA NIHONBASHI
    We offer 1 tea ceremony ticket to each guest who spends a night for “HAKUZA NIHONBASHI,” which is a directly managed branch in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, where guests can enjoy the attractions of gold leaves in Japan through the wide variety of product categories and original services.

“HAKUZA Gold Leaf Room” plan (exclusive plan for 1 room per day) summary

Period Reservation starts on November 26 (Wed), 2014
Stays available starting on December 17 (Wed), 2014
Room type Deluxe Twin Room
Fee From ¥15,950 ( (per guest)

♦ Plan with tickets to the popular “December at Kabukiza Theatre”

We offer a plan with 2 ground-floor first-class seating tickets for the popular play “December at Kabukiza Theatre (starring Tamasaburo Bando, Ebizo Ichikawa, Ainosuke Kataoka, Shido Nakamura, and others),” which is played at the Kabukiza Theatre.

  • December 22 (Mon) – December 26 (Fri), 2014 Senshuraku
  • Stay in a Deluxe Twin Room that looks out on the Kabukiza Theatre
  • The Kabukiza Theatre goods souvenirs of “fan & tenugui” 1 set per night

Plan with tickets to “December at Kabukiza Theatre”
(exclusive plan for 1 pair (2 persons) per day) summary

Period Reservation starts on November 26 (Wed), 2014
Stays available between December 22 (Mon) and December 26 (Fri), 2014
Room type Deluxe Twin Room
Fee From ¥31,450 (incl. tax) (per guest)

Deluxe Twin Room

♦ Plan with carefully selected service tickets of Ginza Mitsukoshi

This plan enables guests to receive special services from “Ginza Mitsukoshi,” which is a representative department store of Ginza located in Ginza 4-chome.

  • With a meal ticket (¥3,000 (incl. tax) per room) that enables guests to enjoy “Ginza Dining,” 18 restaurants on 11F/12F of Ginza Mitsukoshi.
  • With the souvenir of “sake,” which is an exclusive product of Ginza Mitsukoshi
  • We can offer an exclusive service for guests who spend a night (service for men only: ¥5,000 (incl. tax) per 30 minutes) from “Ginza Grooming” on 7F of Ginza Mitsukoshi

Summary of the “plan with carefully selected service tickets for Ginza Mitsukoshi”

Period Reservation starts on November 26 (Wed), 2014
Stays available starting on December 17 (Wed), 2014
Room type Superior Twin Room
Fee From ¥10,900 (incl. tax) (per guest)

♦ A Restaurant That Gives Visitors to Japan High Satisfaction Offering Them a Taste of Japanese Omotenashi Hospitality

The 1st floor basement is furnished with an open atrium connecting to the lobby, a wall of sparkling light, and other features, and houses the hotel’s restaurant “ALL DAY DINING NiKO GINZA,” which offers a dining experience sure to please not only Japanese visitors, but customers from abroad as well. This restaurant prepares its cuisine from the freshest seasonal vegetables and fish procured at the Tsukiji market, and “ALL DAY DINING NiKO GINZA” can provide meals in a variety of tastes and styles.


1.Facility summary

Facility name Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo
Address 5-11-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3549-3331
Access 2 min. walk from Tokyo Metro “Ginza” Station
1 min. walk from Tokyo Metro “Higashi-Ginza” Station
Site area 1,169,86 m2
Total floor area 13,427.81 m2
Structural size Steel structure, 14 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground, tower: 3
Number of guest rooms 329 rooms
Adjoining facility Hotel restaurant (B1F)

2.Guest room structure

Guest room name m2 # of guest rooms Bed width (mm) Official guest room fee (excl. tax)
(1) 2 guests 3 guests
21.5 48 1600 25,000 -
20 171 1600 27,500 -
26 78 1200×2 36,000 -
Corner Twin 31.4 13 1200×2 44,000 -
Corner Triple 37.7 7 1200×3 58,000 61,000
Deluxe Twin 37.7 6 1200×2 58,000 -
Accessible 21.8 6 1400 25,000 -

3.Access map

4.Mitsui Garden Hotels throughout Japan