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Enjoy 7 Large-scale Entertainment Facilities and Shopping at Expo ’70 Commemorative Park
EXPOCITY, One of West Japan’s Biggest Large-scale, Mixed-use Complexes, Scheduled to Open in Autumn This Year
Japan’s largest Ferris wheel*, Japan’s first entertainment complex, and LaLaport all in one location

March 25, 2015
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. announced today that it has decided on the name EXPOCITY for one of west Japan’s biggest large-scale, mixed-use complexes, located in the Expo ’70 Commemorative Park in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture.

This will be a large-scale, mixed-use complex fusing shopping with entertainment, attracting about 300 businesses with a total floor space of approximately 223,000 m2 in 7 large-scale entertainment facilities and LaLaport EXPOCITY all in one location.

Mitsui Fudosan will provide a new landmark to the Kansai area, which is attracting a rapidly growing number of tourists from within and outside of Japan. The complex will also be a place to make new discoveries and find excitement and thrills never experienced before.

Together with the Expo ’70 Commemorative Park’s cultural facilities located amid rich natural surroundings and the Suita Stadium (tentative name), scheduled to open in autumn 2015, this project will create a significant leisure space representative of Japan.

In 1970, the 45th year of the Showa period, Japan held Expo ’70, the first World’s Exposition in Asia. Now in 2015, 45 years have passed since that time, but "Progress and Harmony for Mankind,” the spirit of Expo ’70, continues and the following facilities, 1 through 8 below, will operate under the theme of “Fusing the enjoyment of Playing, learning, and discovering.’”

EXPOCITY, a large-scale, mixed-use complex

(1) NIFREL, an interactive Aquazoo and the first facility produced by the Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN
(2) Pokémon Expo Gym (tentative name), an interactive “edutainment” facility
(3) Osaka Wheel (tentative name), the tallest Ferris wheel in Japan *Scheduled to open to the public in Spring 2016.
(4) OSAKA ENGLISH VILLAGE (tentative name), Japan’s first interactive English “edutainment” facility
(5) Orbi Osaka, a nature-oriented entertainment facility
(6) 109 Cinemas Osaka EXPOCITY, a cutting-edge cinema complex
(7) Shaun the Sheep Family Farm (tentative name), Japan’s first interactive amusement park
(8) LaLaport EXPOCITY
Shopping and also packed with entertainment elements.
The facility will be a collection of contemporary stores, including those selling fashion brands, daily lifestyle products, and sporting goods, as well as restaurants that will be opening in either Kansai or Japan for the first time, starting with the theme park-like consumer electronics shop EDION and an enormous TSUTAYA book store incorporating a Starbucks coffee shop and KITAMURA electronics store.

Complex layout

EXPOCITY (image) (exterior view)

Large-scale Entertainment Facilities

The first complex facility produced by Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN enables an unprecedented experience to intuitively enjoy the beauty and mystery of living creatures. Based on a concept of connecting with the senses and embedding with artistic elements, the facility will shed light on the charms of living creatures and nature. Clear water, colorful fish and unique animals will enrich the hearts of everyone encounter it.
Pokémon Expo Gym (tentative name)
The first Pokémon-themed, interactive “edutainment” facility. Built under a concept of “communication,” its originally developed program will strengthen children’s communication skills.
Osaka Wheel (tentative name) *Schedule to open to the public in spring 2016
At a height of over 120m, the tallest Ferris wheel in Japan will be open to the public at EXPOCITY in Osaka!
It promises more than just a view, but a panorama that captures the beautiful townscape and night view of the city.
Unlike any others, this elaborate embellished Ferris wheel, with splendid interior decoration of VIP gondolas, will delight and impress grownups and kids.
OSAKA ENGLISH VILLAGE (tentative name)
This will be Japan’s first interactive English edutainment facility where fun and exciting English learning for all ages happen. Amid the backdrop of American streetscapes and typical everyday environments, anybody can challenge themselves with confidence in learning and using English. Diverse programs ranging from one to several days are available for fun English learning.
Orbi Osaka
This innovative new entertainment facility invites visitors to explore nature’s mysteries and experience the incredible wonders of our universe. Designed by Sega Corporation in collaboration with the UK’s BBC Earth, Orbi combines Sega’s cutting edge technology with BBC Earth’s nature expertise for a unique multi-sensory experience at EXPOCITY.
109 Cinemas Osaka EXPOCITY
Japan’s first IMAX(R) theatre featuring its next-generation laser projection and sound technology which will include the largest screen in Japan with a height of more than 18 m, equivalent to a 6-story building. In addition, a “4DX(R)” auditorium will bring the audience into a fully immersive cinematic experience with 4DX motion chairs and multisensory environmental effects. The 11 screen complex will be the ultimate entertainment cinema complex in the Kansai area.
Shaun the Sheep Family Farm (tentative name)
This will be an interactive amusement park based on the theme of Shaun the Sheep, a British clay animation program enormously popular with children from around the world. Play in the world of the farm where Shaun lives, swinging on a Tarzan rope, sliding and more, as well as enjoy shopping for Shaun-related merchandise.


Entertainment restaurants
Enjoyable entertainment facilities will extend to dining areas, too! There is a huge collection of restaurants offering dishes that can only be eaten or enjoyed at this facility. There will be large numbers of restaurants with themes of popular characters or related to Expo '70. Moreover, world cuisines and popular Japanese foods will compete to attract diners in the food court, which will seat more than 1,000 and offer views of the Tower of the Sun.
Action Sports World
H.L.N.A. is an acronym for Huge Lever Next Age. This facility will aim to develop into a next-generation action sports zone through crossovers of fashion, music, art, and culture. This will be a collection of approximately 10 stores that share in following the H.L.N.A. concept.
Large-scale Interactive Shops
Everybody’s Hobby Station
Kids’ Entertainment Center
Large-scale Interactive Shops: A collection of interactive stores with product lineups encourage lifestyles with individuality and the prospect of an interesting discovery such as THE LOFT, MUJI, HIGOPET FRIENDLY, and more.
Everybody’s Hobby Station: Cross-generational, theme park-style stores like EDION will present scenes for enjoyable and comfortable lives with lifestyle appliances through to toy and DIY stores.
Kids’ Entertainment Center:Akachan Honpo will be among more than 20 stores catering to maternity needs through to babies, kids or juniors.
Book & Café Area with “Favorites” for Adults and Children Alike
The TSUTAYA book store will be a TSUTAYA lifestyle proposal store with spaces for magazines, books, CDs and DVDs, stationary and gifts and spacious children’s areas fused with a Starbucks coffee store and KITAMURA electronics shop. It will provide a place to spend special time feeling good while enjoying a coffee in a study-like space.

Many other stores are due to open including for fashion, gift shops, services and restaurants in the food court.

LaLaport EXPOCITY image (interior view)

Reference: Suita Stadium (tentative name)

Next to the complex, a large-scale stadium is under construction with a total floor space of approximately 66,355m2 and a capacity of about 40,000 seats. The stadium is due for completion in autumn of 2015.

Reference: Suita Stadium (tentative name) website (Japanese only)

Suita Stadium (tentative name) (image) (exterior view)

Expoland Site of Multiple Development Projects (tentative name) Plan Overview

Location 23-17 Senri Banpakukoen, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture
Area Approx. 172,000m2
Structure Steel structure with 1 to 3 floors above ground and 1-2 floors fully or partly below ground
Multistory parking lot: steel structure 3 floors (rooftop parking), 3 towers
Gloss floor space Approx. 223,000 m2
No. of Facilities and Stores Approx. 300
Parking spaces Approx. 4,100
Access A two-minute walk from Bampaku-kinen-koen Station, Osaka Monorail
Schedule Start of construction: July 17, 2014
Completion and opening: Autumn 2015 (planned)
Environmental design Fernando Vazquez
Design and contracting Joint project between Takenaka Corporation and Takenaka Civil Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
Operation and management Mitsui Fudosan Retail Management Co., Ltd.


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