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The Hokuriku Region’s First Full-Scale Outlet Mall
Grand Opening of Mitsui Outlet Park Hokuriku Oyabe on July 16
All 173 Stores Filled, Including 81 Stores New to Hokuriku and 10 Outlets New to Japan

April 23, 2015
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. announced today that it will open Mitsui Outlet Park Hokuriku Oyabe currently under development in Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture, on Thursday, July 16.

This facility is the first full-scale outlet mall in the Hokuriku area and has 173 stores, including 81 stores new to the Hokuriku area and 10 outlets new to Japan.

This is the 13th Mitsui Outlet Park in Japan and will be the second-biggest Mitsui Outlet Park in terms of store numbers at the time of opening, exceeding Mitsui Outlet Park Ryuo in Shiga Prefecture and trailing only Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu in Chiba Prefecture. The facility reflects the know-how Mitsui Fudosan has cultivated over 20 years.

Features of the Mitsui Outlet Park Hokuriku Oyabe

Accumulation of Leading Stores in Hokuriku Area and Rich Array of Restaurants

All 173 stores have been filled, including 81 stores new to the Hokuriku area and 10 outlets new to Japan. This will be a mall with a full lineup including overseas brands, high fashion brands, children’s goods, sports and outdoors goods, accessories and general merchandise. Its dining establishments include popular restaurants from the Tokyo metropolitan area and throughout Japan, in addition to meeting tourist needs with the opening of many restaurants only found in Hokuriku.

A Time Consuming-Style Facility that Families Can Enjoy All Day

To ensure enjoyment outside of shopping time, this will be an extensive facility with various types of equipment to delight those with children, starting with a Ferris wheel approximately 50 meters tall.

A Time Consuming-Style Facility that Families Can Enjoy All Day

Being positioned in a strategic location easily accessible to tourist areas symbolic of the Hokuriku area, the facility can respond to the inbound tourism that has grown in recent areas through such measures as the establishment of a tourist information booth. To enhance accessibility, bus routes are planned not just from the closest station of Isurugi, but also from Toyama Station, Takaoka Station, Shin-Takaoka Station and Kanazawa Station, which are the major stations in the area. (Authorization pending)

Base for Sending Information on Hokuriku Tourism

A partnership with the City of Oyabe will see the use of local ingredients at restaurants, stores selling strictly selected products from Hokuriku together with other measures to actively foster a community partnership and consumption of local produce.

Overview of the Full Lineup of Restaurants Targeting All Age Groups

A Full Lineup Outlet Mall Including 81 Stores New to the Hokuriku Area and 10 Outlets New to Japan

A variety of stores have gathered to form a full lineup that targets all generations and covers all genres including international brands, famous select shops, women’s, men’s and children’s apparel from Japan and overseas, sports & outdoor goods, accessories and fashion accessories in addition to local stores from the Hokuriku area.

First Stores in Hokuriku Area, Including Street Stalls and Retail Facilities
First Japanese outlet store

List of Main Stores
Famous International Brands and Fashion Accessories

Famous International Brands and Fashion Accessories

Popular Select Shops, High Fashion Brands and Fashion Accessories

Popular Select Shops, High Fashion Brands and Fashion Accessories

Lifestyle Accessories and Foods Proposing High Quality Lifestyles

Lifestyle Accessories and Foods Proposing High Quality Lifestyles

Sports & Outdoor Goods for a Variety of Scenes

Sports & Outdoor Goods for a Variety of Scenes

A Collection of Popular Hokuriku Restaurants Serving Sushi, Curry, Ramen and more!

Restaurants have been assembled from popular restaurants in Toyama and Ishikawa prefectures. Enjoy dining on the charming dishes prepared only the way that Hokuriku can do it while being fastidiously supportive about local production and local consumption.

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A Lineup with a Rich Array of Dining Spots Nationally Popular Stores

Popular ice cream store Cold Stone Creamery, KuKuRuZa Popcorn from Tokyo’s Omotesando and Nagoya’s renowned Nagoyameibutsu Misokatsu Yabaton open in Hokuriku for the first time. The full selection of nationally popular stores creates a rich lineup on the dining side.

A Time Consuming-Style Facility that Families Can Enjoy All Day

A Time Consuming-Style Facility to Enjoy Outside of Shopping

A Ferris wheel approximately 50-meters-tall and offering a view of the Tonami Plain, a soft and fluffy dome popular among children and a pop jet fountain are among the various equipment located across the facility, making it a charming spot that can be enjoyed by families for more than just shopping.

Ferris wheel

Features of the Ferris wheel

The Ferris wheel gondolas have been designed to look like shopping bags, taking a hint from the shopping center in which it is located. Taking into account the climate of the local area, the gondola’s are air-conditioned, which is rare for Japan. At nights, the gondolas are lit using LED illumination and offers views of the colorful nighttime skies.

Ferris wheel promotion policy

As a shared promotion policy with the Ferris wheel operator Hoei SANGYO Co., Ltd. a Ferris wheel naming contest will be held.

List of Play Equipment in the Facility

Base for Information on Hokuriku Tourism

Highly Accessible, Located near Major Arterial Roads

The facility is located almost halfway between Toyama City and Kanazawa City and is positioned adjacent to National Route 8, a main arterial road, and approximately 3 kilometers from Fukuoka Interchange on the Noetsu Expressway. It is also convenient for access from expressways and Highways such as the Hokuriku Expressway, Noetsu Expressway and Tokai Hokuriku Expressway, making it an outstanding location for Toyama Prefecture from the outset, as well as for wider areas encompassing the entire Hokuriku region.

Providing tourism information on the Hokuriku area

Toyama tourist information center, a manned tourism booth providing information on tourist spots in Toyama Prefecture, will set up in the facility. The booth will connect to tourist information from the nearby area as well as regional tourist spots to provide information that will provide deeper knowledge of Hokuriku.

*Tourist Attractions

Bus route operations

Convenient bus routes are scheduled to begin service to each of the main train stations in the area at Toyama Station, Takaoka Station, Shin Takaoka Station and Kanazawa Station, while from Isurugi Station, the closest to the facility, a bus is scheduled to operate depending on the train timetable. (Authorization pending)

*Transportation Access

Enhanced Omotenashi Services for Foreign Tourists, Centering on Asia

Multilingual & Wi-Fi support

  • Signage within the facility, floor guides, the website and some announcements are made in English, as well as Korean and Chinese (simplified and traditional)
  • A service of call center staff capable of speaking a foreign language will become interpreters, while support shopping and point sheets will be available for all stores.
  • Free Wi-Fi spots will be established

China UnionPay cards stores offering duty-free services

  • A money exchange capable of dealing with 8 different currencies will be set up.
  • China UnionPay cards used widely throughout China for card transactions will be introduced to all stores.
  • ATMs where it will be possible to withdraw Japanese yen using China UnionPay cards and other foreign-issued credit cards are planned for installation.
  • Aggressive introduction of stores offering duty-free services is planned.

Responding to Diverse Tourist Needs

  • A prayer room facility has been established for people to pray.
  • La carte, a Hotel New Otani Takaoka restaurant to open in the facility, can provide alcohol-free and pork-free menus (advance reservations required)

Tie-ups with a Mitsui Fudosan Overseas Facility Scheduled for Opening This Year

Mutual introductions of Mitsui Fudosan outlet malls under development in Malaysia and Taiwan.

Initiatives for Community Partnership and Production and Consumption of Local Produce

Opening of Local Produce Stores

At the Made in, a store selling produce symbolic of Hokuriku, on sale are a range strictly selected locally produced foods and flavorings, Japanese sake, and crafts among the several hundreds of the products from the three prefectures of Hokuriku being sold.

Ingredients Selected with Special Care for Local Consumption

Special care has been placed on local production and local consumption and many restaurants use menus filled with dishes made with Hokuriku ingredients.

Localized Facility Design and Environmental Response Accounting for Regional Characteristics

The property is designed with a construction concept of overlapping and interlocking to provide a space that blends of Toyama Prefecture’s nature and traditions with a cutting-edge shopping environment, while the exterior reflects the region’s particular sankyoson hamlets and the waves of the Sea of Japan. The structure of the building takes into account the climate and adopts a 2-story, enclosed mall format. As an environmental measure, all lighting will be LED, including outdoor fixtures, which is a first for a Mitsui Fudosan retail property. There are also filling stations for electric vehicles. Moreover, as a specific measure to connect to the local community, a flowerbed maintained by students from the Oyabe Engei High School has been set up on the site and the food court is furnished with wooden furniture warm to the touch and crafted by Oyabe resident, Mr. Toshiyuki Tanaka, a woodcutter.
* Sankyoson: A hamlet made up of houses scattered at points across expansive cultivated fields

Stores Information

Overview Plan for Mitsui Outlet Park Hokuriku Oyabe

Location 1-1 Washiba, Nishi-Nakano, Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture
Construction area Approx. 130,000 m2
Structure Steel structure, two floors
Gross floor area Approx. 45,000 m2
Store floor space Approx. 26,000 m2
No. of stores 173 stores
Parking spaces Approx. 2,800 spaces
Access About 2 km from the Isurugi Station, JR Hokuriku Main Line
About 3 km from the Fukuoka IC and approximately 6 km from the Oyabe Higashi IC of Noetsu Expressway
Approximately 8 km from the Oyabe IC of Hokuriku Expressway
Schedule Start of construction: July 4, 2014
Completion and opening: July 16, 2015
Environmental design Fernando Vazquez
Design and construction A consortium established between Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. and Ishiguro Corp., Ltd.
Design supervision and supervision management Nikken Sekkei Ltd. and Tokyu Architects & Engineers Inc.

List of Mitsui Outlet Park