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Launch of TRAMSBOARD, a Power-Supply Automation Control System, Effectively Utilizing Emergency Power Generators during Blackouts
Supporting Reinforced Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) by Cutting Half of the Cost and Time Required for Installing or Reinforcing Conventional Emergency Power Generators

July 15, 2015
Hitachi, Ltd.
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501, “Hitachi”) and Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. (TSE:8801, “Mitsui Fudosan”) have recently jointly developed TRAMSBOARD, a power-supply automation control system, to act as a surplus power supply for emergency use during power outages, capable of powering places such as company workspaces. Hitachi will launch sales under its name from today.

Emergency power generators are used for security purposes to power lighting, air conditioning or the like, or for disaster use to power sprinklers or fire extinguisher pumps. If a power outage occurs without a fire, it is unnecessary to power disaster-use devices like sprinklers, leaving a forecast of 50% to 60% power capacity remains as surplus power. This system has focused on the power used during disasters to effectively use power.

Installing this system strengthens building and corporate BCPs by supplying power to the workspaces of tenants, such as companies and disaster response offices, when power outages occur without a fire. There is no need for reinforcement construction, which has been required until now for large-scale emergency power generators, thus in the case of existing buildings, system construction can be implemented at half the expense and in half the time required for conventional systems.

This system was developed for the purpose of maximizing the use of power from existing emergency power generators by combining Hitachi’s engineering capabilities related to the building management systems and Mitsui Fudosan’s expertise in the building operation disaster readiness and BCP supports. Hitachi and Mitsui Fudosan have started surveying the state of equipment in multiple properties ahead of installing this system. Going forward, the system will be proposed for office buildings, medical facilities and public facilities, a support will be given to the strengthening of building and company BCP to contribute to Urban Development Resilient against disasters.