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Tokyo Disney Resort ® Partner Hotel
Mitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay
Reopened following renovation of all rooms on July 10, 2015
Concept of “an urban oasis that stimulates the senses”

July 15, 2015
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

The Mitsui Fudosan Group reopened the fully remodeled 550 rooms Mitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay in Urayasu City, Chiba, on July 10, 2015, following completion of remodeling work.

This hotel has among the largest number of rooms of any of the 18 Mitsui Garden Hotels located throughout Japan. Since opening in June 2007, it has welcomed approximately 3.8 million guests, mainly tourist visitors to Tokyo Disney Resort® or the Tokyo metropolitan area, and has received an outstanding evaluation from guests.

Remodeling of the hotel returned to the origins of its name, Prana (which means “life force” and “breath”), with a concept of “an urban oasis that stimulates the senses.” Renovation work was focused on the guest room floors (all rooms and corridors) and the lobby area.

Overview of Remodeling

  1. The main lobby that has been redesigned around the theme of a “Prana forest” is equipped with additional benches and sofas to create greater comfort while checking in or out. Moreover, we have installed a green wall of living vegetation that contributes to the warm and comfortable atmosphere. A work of art, the Prana Tree, has been installed in the center of the lobby for taking commemorative photos.
  2. A Kids’ Lobby has been newly built for families with children to enjoy having a rest at ease.
  3. More rooms for four or more guests have been created in response to the demand to cater to families or groups of friends, including by newly installed terrace bunks built in the style of a treehouse in rooms for six guests.
  4. Digital signboards have been installed to provide easily understandable information within and outside the hotel and shared-area signs have been renewed.
  5. Initiatives for the environment have been enhanced, including using LED lighting throughout the hotel and equipping the guest parking lot with electric vehicle chargers.

Details of the Lobby Renewal

Prana Lobby

The main lobby has been reborn in the image of a “Prana forest.” Additional benches and sofas create greater comfort while checking in or out, and a green wall of living vegetation that contributes to the warm and comfortable atmosphere has been installed. The Prana Tree, a work of art symbolic of the current renewal, has also been installed in the center of the lobby. This photogenic artwork is comprised of five layers that represent the transition of the four seasons, and guests can enjoy finding the birds and animals living there, go inside the tree and take a commemorative photo as a memory of their stay at the hotel.

Kids Lobby

The Kids Lobby has been newly built for families with children to enjoy resting at ease while waiting to check in or out. It is a pop-influenced, colorful space that offers a huge sofa that makes it feel as though guests are lost in a fairy tale, animal rides, screens showing movies and other devices for enjoyment.

Description of Guest Room Renewals

Terrace Rooms (Bunk beds) (For up to six guests)

Spacious, terrace-type rooms with high ceilings and built in the theme of a treehouse, they also include the first bunks to be installed in Mitsui Garden Hotels. These are rooms for families and groups of friends to stay.

Moderate Twin (for two to three guests)

Impressive rooms with fresh and accent colors in a tropical fruit motif. Plans include two types of color schemes: dragon fruit (pictured) and kiwifruit. With an extra bed, a maximum of three people can stay.

Fours Balcony (For four guests)

Impressive rooms with fresh and accent colors in a tropical fruit motif. Plans include three types of color schemes: dragon fruit, orange (pictured) and kiwifruit. Families and groups of up to four can stay in these rooms.

Superior Twin (For two guests)

A distinctive room filled with refreshing blue reminiscent of a waterside resort. Features spacious, semi-double beds (1,400 mm width). Recommended for couples or women traveling in pairs.

Prana Fours (For four guests)

An impressive room in the style of a prairie with green-toned furnishings and carpet and blue polka dot wallpaper adding enjoyment. Guests can remove their shoes and pad around barefoot as though they were at home, while there are low beds with rounded corners that enable families with small children to relax.

Terrace Room (For three to six guests)

Utilizing the spaciousness provided by a 3.5-meter-high ceiling, artistic plants are set up along the walls in rooms with a design rich in natural charms. A private outdoor terrace is attached to each room.

Easily Understood Hotel Information

Guests are provided with information about the hotel or shuttle bus timetables in an easily understandable manner on digital signboards newly installed near the entrance and front counter, enabling smooth checking in and checking out. In conjunction with this remodeling, shared-area signage throughout the hotel such as directional and indicative signs have been renewed.

Global Environment Initiatives

The Mitsui Fudosan Group, in line with its Group Vision “&EARTH,” is engaged in a variety of environmental initiatives. In conjunction with the remodeling of the hotel, various environmental initiatives have been expanded even further to include using LED lighting throughout the hotel, changing the faucets used in the Public Large Bath to water-saving types and in a first for Mitsui Garden Hotels, installing chargers for electric vehicles.

Installation of wall-hanging chargers for electric vehicles

Mitsui Garden Hotels

The Mitsui Garden Hotel chain currently operates 18 hotels throughout Japan with 4,809 rooms. The Mitsui Garden Hotel Nagoya (approx. 300 rooms) (tentative name) and Kyobashi 1-Chome Hotel Plan (approx. 240 rooms) (tentative name) are also scheduled to open in 2016.

Going forward, the Group will actively engage in new developments in major urban areas and regional cities designated by government ordinances. The Group will strive to provide services overflowing with hospitality while aiming to realize “hotels that satisfy the senses“ and ”hotels to remember” as an upper-grade accommodation-style hotel.

1.Mitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay Facility Overview

Facility name Mitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay
Opening date June 1, 2007
Location 6-2-1 Akemi, Urayasu, Chiba
Access By train
  • JR Keiyo Line, JR Musashino Line Maihama Station Approximately 15-20 minutes by Tokyo Disney Resort® Partner Hotel courtesy shuttle bus
  • JR Keiyo Line, JR Musashino Line Shin-Urayasu Station 10 minutes by bus; 2 minutes on foot from the bus stop
By car
  • Approximately 15 minutes’ drive from the Shuto Expressway Bayshore Route Urayasu exit, traveling from Tokyo
  • Approximately 20 minutes’ drive from the Higashi Kanto Expressway's Wangan Ichikawa exit, traveling from Chiba
Site area 24,702.39 m2
Floor space 40,405.36 m2
Structure Reinforced concrete construction, partial steel-frame construction, eight floors above ground (Guest room floors occupy up to the seventh floor)
Total number of guest rooms 550 rooms
Adjoining facilities Restaurant “Prana Style” (First floor)
Gift store “Disney Fantasy” (First floor)
Convenience store “Natural Lawson” (First floor)
Public Large Bath and relaxation space (Seventh floor)