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Ready-Built Detached Housing - Tokyo Metropolitan Area’s First “Smart Wellness Residence” Project
Construction Started on Fine Court Todoroki Okeitei
Low Carbon Construction Certification Acquired. Healthy, Energy-Saving, Safe and Secure with Equipment and Appliances Standard in All Units

September 17, 2015
Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Fudosan Residential started construction today of the Tokyo metropolitan area’s first “Smart Wellness Residence” in its plan for Fine Court Todoroki Okeitei (total units: 5), a ready-built detached housing.
The “Smart Wellness Residence” prioritizes the three elements of “health (wellness),” “energy-saving (smart),” and “safety and security” and not only incorporates the latest equipment specifications but has also made a more comfortable home through creative unit layouts, interiors and exteriors.
In October 2015, Mitsui Fudosan Residential plans to start construction of Fine Court Fukasawa Okeitei (total units: 13) as the second stage of “Smart Wellness Residence” and will strive to popularize “Smart Wellness Residence” going forward.

With growing social problems such as an aging society with declining birth rates and increasing social security costs, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism made a proposal at the Council for Industrial Competitiveness regarding the concept of Smart Wellness Residences and Cities to achieve a society of healthy, long-living people. In response, Mitsui Fudosan took conventional energy creation, storage and conservation contained in Smart House equipment and appliances and added “heat shock measures” for winter and an emphasis on “securing lifelines” for safety and security at times of disaster to define a “Smart Wellness Residence” as a smart house taking into account health, safety and security.

Mitsui Fudosan Residential’s “Smart Wellness Residence”

Residences must adopt the following equipment and applicances and fulfill certain performance standards

(1) Health (Wellness)

  1. Possess heat insulating properties required by Japan’s four cold regions through the use of plastic frame sash windows and high-performance heat-insulating materials
  2. Bathroom heater/dryer/ventilation and ceiling-mounted changing room heater as a heat shock measure
  3. Energy Recovery Ventilation System that helps prevent heat loss during cooling and heating, reduces the risk of respiratory disease-causing mold, and also contributes to reducing the concentration of contaminated matter in the room.
  4. Floor heating system that helps eliminate the difference in temperature between the feet and the head in the winter due to radiation heat and makes living more comfortable.

(2) Energy-Saving (Smart)

After adopting ENE-FARM (*) home-use fuel cells, Home Energy Management System (HEMS), and LED lighting, it must adopt as standard either of the following power generating or electricity storage equipment.

  1. Residential storage battery system(*) that contributes to a shift in peak electric power by utilizing low-cost nighttime electric power rates
  2. PV system(*) that converts the natural energy of the sun into electricity

(*) ENE-FARM doubles as a hot water tank that secures water in times of disaster. Residential storage battery system and the PV system are equipment that contribute to safety and security by making it possible to secure electric power for a certain period of time even during power outages, including at times of disaster.

Equipment and appliances


Storage battery system

Energy Recovery Ventilation

Ceiling-mounted changing room heater