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November 13 Unveiling after Large-Scale Remodeling Accompanying a 10-Year Extension of Business
Enliven Outdoor Areas and Newly Establish a Relaxation Space
36 Stores to Open Anew or Following Remodeling

October 1, 2015
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. has undertaken the large-scale remodeling of MITSUI OUTLET PARK TAMA MINAMI OSAWA in conjunction with the decision to extend the business for 10 years.

The large-scale remodeling will newly establish a festival stage and relaxation space in shared outdoor areas, while 36 stores (27 of which are newly opening and the remaining 9 have either moved or been remodeled) will open subsequently by Friday, November 13.

Key Points of the Remodeling

  1. Expansion of shared areas incorporating a newly established festival stage, children’s play equipment and relaxation space
  2. Richer array of popular brands in response to a broad spectrum of needs
  3. A pre-unveiling sale will start from Friday, October 30 and a remodeling grand opening sale will be held from Friday, November 13. La Fête du Pain MINAMI OSAWA, a bread festival commemorating the remodeling, will be held from Sunday, November 1 to Tuesday, November 3 (a national holiday).
An artist’s impression of the festival stage (B zone)   Bird’s eye view of the A zone

An artist’s impression of the gathering court (A zone)